7 Accessories that will Compliment your Silk Sarees

Silk sarees are every woman’s treasure.  Women go to any extent to preserve their silk sarees, because it is not just for one day show.  They are highly expensive and won’t lose its charm ever. This most beautiful 6 yards of clothing should be worn right with perfect accessories to bring out the complete magic it has. Of course there are truck load of accessories laying in the fashion grove for us to experiment with modern outfits, but when it comes to saree, only few basic accessories are enough to be done with the look.

Now glimpse through the the list of basic  accessories that will compliment your silk sarees and make it a true spectacle!


It is the first eye catching accessory that should go hand in hand with your saree.  Choose the neck piece depending upon the colour of the saree. If you wear darker shades, opt for diamond or stone necklace, however if you opt for lighter shades go for gold necklace. Try antique designs if you are in to traditional events.

Silk Saree Accessories


Earrings can make a lot of difference to your silk sarees. Though there are million earrings that you can pair with your beloved silk saree, nothing can beat the beauty that comes from a pair of jhumka. They are absolutely feminine and will immediately catch the attention of others. Choose a bold jhumka and you can never go wrong with your saree.

Silk Saree Accessories


Next in the list are the bangles. Though you don’t have to deck up bangles like a young bride, you need to flatter your saree with few of the right bangles. Make sure your bangles match your necklace and jhumka as well.  If you like to make a difference and call attention to your hands, wear some coloured bangles that match your saree.

Silk Saree Accessories


Flowers add a traditional touch to your attire. It will also make you look youthful.  This is one of the most inexpensive accessories that will compliment your saree to a great extent. Besides, flowers can make your saree beautiful from the back. They highlight your shoulders and add more details to your blouse back neck.

Silk Saree Accessories

Big Bindi:

Bindi is a big must for silk sarees. Instead of going for stone bindi or other designer bindi, try a bold plain one and you will be surprised how it makes your look more beautiful.  Experiment with colors that match your sarees.

Silk Saree Accessories


It is a wise idea to carry a matching clutch or potli bag or even a simple zari purse. They not only add glamour to your saree, but will also help to carry all the essentials that you need during parties.  You can store your make up essentials and other useful stuffs in these bags.

Silk Saree Accessories


Though it is worn on the less visible part of the body, anklets are a must! If you are in to events and parties where you need to do plenty of walking, then a pair of anklets will make others watch you in awe as you do your busy walking!

Silk Saree Accessories

We hope you have gathered some nice ideas from our silk sarees accessories list. Try them out for sure and style your silk saree with grace.

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