Everything You Want to Know About Bhargavi Designer Studio

‘Bhargavi Designer Studio’ is a place of heaven for those who are smitten by the beauty of Indian traditional wears like sarees, blouse, half sarees..etc. However the boutique’s collection doesn’t just stop there. It is also the house for contemporary wears anarkalis, lehengas, skirts…etc designed exclusively for young women.

Founded by the prominent designer Bhargavi Kunam, Bhargavi studio has now gained reputation for the unique ensembles it offers with class. What is so significant about their collections is that, their exquisite taste for colours and their modern interpretations of our classic attire. It makes their vibrant collections irresistible for women of all age.

All these has made the label a sought after brand in Hyderabad. Unfortunately, they don’t sell their collections online and you have to visit their store to purchase. However, on seeing their collections you won’t hesitate to hit their store for shopping. Their alluring designs will behold your eyes and haunt you in dreams.

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Browse down to take a glimpse of their world.

Bhargavi Kunam’s Silk Saree Spectacle

Makeover of classic kancheepuram silks to suit the present day women.

Bhargavi Kunnam Bridal Silk Saree Collections Bhargavi Kunnam Bridal Saree Designs Bhargavi Kunnam Designer Studio Collections Bhargavi Kunnam Silk Saree Designs

Bhargavi Kunam’s Mesmerizing Blouse Designs

Blouses that can make your eye go in awe.

Bhargavi Kunnam Latest Blouse Designs Bhargavi Kunnam Studio Designer Blouse Collections Bhargavi Kunam Blouse Designs

Bhargavi Kunam’s Modern Half Saree Collections

Half sarees are not out of trend when they can get this colourful.

Modern Half Saree Designs Bhargavi Kunnam Designer Half Saree Designs Bhargavi Kunnam Half Saree Designs Bhargavi Kunnam Bridal Half Saree Designs

Bhargavi Kunam’s Dashing Designer Sarees

Elegance comes in all forms of sarees.

Bhargavi Kunnam Designer Saree Collections

Bhargavi Kunam’s Lehengas & Anarkalis Galore

Simple. Chic. Stylish.

Bhargavi Kunnam Anarkali Designs Latest Bhargavi Kunnam Lehenga Collections Latest Bhargavi Kunam Designer Anarkali Collections Bhargavi Kunnam Lehenga Designs

Brides of Bhargavi Kunam

Lucky you!

Bhargavi Kunnam Brides Bhargavi Kunnam Bridal Collections

The lady behind the label ‘Bhargavi Designer Studio’

Respectable Bhargavi.

Designer Bhargavi Kunam Photo

Are you still reeling under the colourful tale weaved by this designer? We are so! To inquire further about their collections check out directly on the contact given below.


Label : Bhargavi Designer Studio
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/bhargavikunam/
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/bhargaviram/
Contact : 040 23335588, 9989899881, 8885125125

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