Why You Should Own A Floral Saree Right Now?

Why You Should Own A Floral Saree Right Now?

Okay. Let’s get to the point. What is your general opinion about a simple floral saree?

If your answer lies towards the most generic terms like ‘casual, daily wear sarees’, then it is high time your revaluate your opinions.

Why, you may ask!

Because, you can expect much more from these gorgeous floral printed sarees. And they should never be restricted for daily wears.

With apt styling, right blouse and noted accessories, they can easily replace you’re your expensive silk sarees.


The credit goes to one of leading Indian designer Sabyasachi for reviving floras in his regal collections. Bold flowers on pleasing hues can make a majestic combination. This designer has given us visual proof for that.

Guess what, there is no celebrity who can’t fell for floral sarees now. That’s why we say you should own a floral saree right now for the flawless saree style it can bring to your look.

The stylish Bollywood beauties have been giving fresh styling ideas to us whenever they drape a floral saree, and here below we have curated them for you to refer and replicate when you get a chance to wear them.



Following the celebrity style, for a simple floral saree to look significant and appear as party wear, you need to keep in mind the below things.

Fine Borders

Give your saree a festive vibe by opting for sarees that has zari or stone studded borders. Often you tend to buy floral sarees without these add-ons. That’s why it appears so casual.

Alternatively, if you opt for shimmery zari work, these sarees will look gorgeous. You can even get a plain floral saree and add zari borders separately if you like to cut cost.

Embellished Blouse

If you keep your floral sarees for daily wear, chances are you might be wearing boring blouse.

Ditch those plain outdated blouses and opt for glittery embellished blouses with flattering neck and sleeve patterns. This along with border zari will infuse a party wear look.


Bold Accessories

Now with zari work and smart blouse option, your saree is nearing a designer saree look.

However it can totally made to look party wear only by your choice of accessories.

Choose bold kundan chokers, gold or silver pumps and a sparkling clutch box to finish off your style. You will see for yourself that you have nailed the look.


Make Up

With floral sarees, often you tend to play down with you makeup. Ditch that.

Go for bright bold makeup to look vibrant. Opt for dark eye makeup along with subtle nude lips, or for dark red lips with bold bindi. These are few ways to do your makeup for these chic sarees.  We assure you, these will enhance your saree style further.


If you have followed the above four factors, then you can hit your floral saree style with ease and elegance.

Don’t get deceived by the notion that floral prints are not up to party days.  Give them a try and they will sure make other glued to you. Our celebrities envious saree style above is a proof for that!

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