A Pop of Purple in Gold Saree, Would You Try?

Gold sarees are blessings, isn’t it? They are universally flattering and leashes off such a royal look when worn right. It is one hue that gives an instant rich experience to your style. It is quite hard to find a woman who don’t like this shade. Even those who are not into gaudy tones would still love a mellowed gold. Functions and events are not so colourful when you don’t see women flaunting this on stage. In short, it is the most coveted hue when it comes to a colourful outfit like sarees.

There is a problem though. Sometimes, styling a gold saree can be tricky. Especially when the blouse is of same color. It is true that it is one of the most irresistible shade on anyone, still sometimes it will wash out your look. Especially in day time events, when you are all decked up in full-gold-ensemble, chances are, it might not shine as you expect it to be. You can even expect some dull photos when you are in a highly adorned gold sarees. The same saree however might stand a good choice for late night events because of its natural tendency to look radiant amidst colourful lights.

So, as you see, the most versatile gold sarees do have some pain points. Today post is to give a style tip to overcome this tricky situation. The clue we need to take here is from Tejaswi Madivada, who managed to ease out the complexities we have with gold saree and look jubilant on it in an event that happened lately.

All Ms. Tejaswi did was to include a pop of purple in the form of bangles. She decked up an array of glittery purple bangles to balance out her gold saree. Thereby she prevented the washed-out feeling that is so evident on sarees like this, especially with so much flash photography going on. Mind you, to make the bangles not clutter her look, she did engage them with on one hand. This trick obviously worked out well for her.

Now tell me dear ladies, adding a pop of color to your full gold saree will make it more striking, agree? Also, we feel that, not just the bangles, even other accessories like clutch, or shoes or earrings of purple base would do the magic here. If you have other interesting ideas to style a gold saree, do drop a comment and let us know.