46 Ultimate Latest Net Blouse Designs For Sarees

When it comes to trendy saree blouse choices, we are really those spoiled brats. The options are many and it is hard to point one. However, the one seemingly sought out style, we must say, is a Net blouse.

The thin fabric has an aura to instantly make your saree look totally forward. All those, who want to attain that dressed up saree style without much of a fuss, need to drape a plain saree with a fitting net blouse.

And we bet you can give a tough fight to any fashionista.  Net blouses have that thing within. Besides, the delicate net cloth, which seems to have gripped the fascination of blouse-loving-world, can be styled in plenty of ways.

Latest Net Blouse Designs For Sarees
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Either you can go bare back with a layer of net to glam up your style, or you can keep your sleeve open with a net layering, or you can even try all those high necks and boat necks with net layer instead of wrapping yourself in thick cloth starting your neck.

These blouses can be immensely styled based on your personal preference and what you are comfortable with. Hence it becomes mandate that every saree loving women should have this must-have item on their closet.

Net Blouse Back Neck Designs

In case, if are just trying to figure out your own style, but having difficult time to find your choice, then you have nothing to worry. Because we have got into the bottom of this blouse pattern, and fished out nearly 46 net blouse designs, that can aid you to choose one among the best that will satiate your needs.

Now scroll down to take a look on every available way to design net blouses for your special sarees!

Black Net Blouse with Zari Work

If you love hues like deep green, orange, red, maroon..etc, then this is one must-have blouse pattern. It makes an excellent combination with the sarees of these colors.  Depending on the style of saree (plain or designer), you can choose the embellishment on your blouse.

For a simple saree, minimal zari work would do. However, if you plan to wear expensive designer one, then do opt for black net blouse with heavy zari work.

Latest Net Blouse Designs For Sarees

Net Blouse with Tie Backs

While net blouse itself super stylish for any saree, adding little details that could glam it up more is too tempting to ignore. For instance, a chic tie back with deep back neck goes so well on a net blouse.

You can even keep the thread used for tie up in contrasting color to make it more attractive. Wear this blouse with high messy bun or other chic hairdos to flaunt the back of your saree.

Latest Net Blouse Designs For Sarees

Royal Blue Blouses with Net Sleeves & Neck

When it comes to net blouses, certain colors are treasure trove to shop. One is royal blue. They make a good pair with white and off-white sarees. If you like to pair this blouse with silk saree, either go for zari work, or zari net for adornment around neck and sleeve.

Latest Net Blouse Designs For Sarees

Gold Net Blouses

If you are a saree lover, you would have already known what a versatile piece of blouse a gold one can make. If you want to make this all purpose blouse even more interesting, get one with net detailing.

This can make even your boring designer sarees stand out. Also, any time you run out of blouse option for any saree, trust this one. It will sure make a best statement with your sarees.

Latest Net Blouse Designs For Sarees Latest Net Blouse Designs For Sarees Latest Net Blouse Designs For SareesLatest Net Blouse Designs For Sarees

Net Blouses with Floral work

Floral blouses are another trending model this season. From style icons to fashion bloggers, we can see this blouse has taken everyone’s attention. It is no doubt that this is the most coveted blouse model to wear with saree.

However, to make your style unique from the rest of the fashion crowd, you can opt floral blouse with net sleeve or neck. This will be more attractive than a simple casual floral blouse.

Latest Net Blouse Designs For Sarees

Saree Blouses with Full Net Sleeves

Full sleeve blouses can sometime make you feel bulged if you happen to choose wrong fabric for your blouse. However still we can’t resist the beauty of this long sleeved blouse.  Isn’t it? To fix this issue, all you need to do is to opt for net sleeves.

To make your sleeve gain more attention, go for contrasting colors with exciting work on the sleeves.

Latest Net Blouse Designs For Sarees

Details you can have on Net Blouse

This season is all about having creative detailing on your clothes. And your net blouse is no exception. If for some reason, you like to shop a simple blouse without loud details, then instead of going for a plain one, opt for the blouse net fabric that has unique detailing like below. When you wear them with refreshing neck design, it will yield you an expensive saree look.

High Necks with Net Fabric

If you want a voguish looking blouse model out of your net fabric, then do opt for collar necks or high necks. Keep the neck area transparent for a sensual appeal. Go sleeveless and wear this with any saree. You are bound to look regal on this.

Latest Net Blouse Designs For Sarees

Designer Net Blouses

If you need an exclusive designer blouse look, then get your blouse base fabric in  silk and go for premium quality net fabric over it. Then opt for subtle adornments depending on your saree.  Try boat necks or off the shoulder necks to add style quotient to it.

Latest Net Blouse Designs For Sarees

Brocade and Sequin Work on Net Blouse

If you want a party wear blouse without all the heavy thread work or stone work, then do opt for a net blouse with sequin detailing. Even a simple brocade blouse with net sleeve or neck can make for an apt party wear blouse.

Latest Net Blouse Designs For Sarees

Patterns on Top of Net

Thanks to all leading designers. We have been witnessing unique patterns that can draw instant attraction to your cloth. You can experiment them on your net blouse and raise the WOW factor. Here below are inspirations for you to try.

Latest Net Blouse Designs For Sarees

Red Net Blouse

Just like a royal blue, owning a deep red net blouse can come handy to you. Red is another versatile color that gel well with other basic hues. White, ivory, beige, green and even peach sarees can be made to look gorgeous by pairing a chic red blouse.

Such a versatile blouse should be upped with style element. And without a doubt, you need to infuse net fabric to it to make it look gorgeous. Here below are few inspirations to check this one.

Latest Net Blouse Designs For Sarees

Contrasting Colors Helps!

Going for skin hued net fabric along with another color that matches your saree is the most popular form to wear net blouse these days. However if you are not comfortable to wear skin hued net then go for complete contrasting colors for it will still look best on you.

Latest Net Blouse Designs For Sarees

The All Purpose Black Net Blouses

We already saw how simple black net blouse with zari work can be worn with designer and silk sarees. However for casual daily wear, you need something simple, yet sophisticated to garner attention. Simple black blouse with no-fuss cloth buttons or creative back necks is what you should look for this.

Latest Net Blouse Designs For SareesLatest Net Blouse Designs For Sarees

Back Buttons with Net Blouses

Back buttons always bring a glamorous appeal to your blouse. With net back, it is even more alluring.

Latest Net Blouse Designs For Sarees

Make Your Sleeves Stand Out

Are you so conscious of your sleeve? Do you hate to wear sleeveless or short sleeve blouses not wanting to show your flabby arm? Then there is easy way out for this problem. Try net sleeves with creative details to divert the attention.

Latest Net Blouse Designs For Sarees

Net Blouse for Silk Sarees

If you like to wear a exclusive designer blouses for silk sarees, then go for brocade blouse with net sleeve or neck and lots of detailing (stone work, zari work ..etc) in the back to match the richness of your saree.

Latest Net Blouse Designs For Sarees

Few White Net Blouse Patterns

You might wonder what’s the fuss about white net blouse ! Actually it is another prominent hue which can help you style your pastel color sarees in creative ways. If you like to get a party wear look out of this, instead of plain white, opt for metallic silver!

Latest Net Blouse Designs For Sarees Latest Net Blouse Designs For Sarees

These are ultimate latest net blouse designs that we highly recommend to try this season. Do give them a try and let us know what’s your pick in the list, by using the comment box below.

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