Tired of your Silk Sarees? See This [100+] Celebrity Saree Style

Silk sarees, the 9 yards (or 6 yards now) of beauty can do wonders to a women body. They are vibrant, colourful and eye catching no matter which shade you wear. Every woman’s wardrobe has a special place for silk sarees.

From Kancheepuram to Banarasi , from Tussar to Kota, silk sarees comes in various weaves and patterns.  Irrespective of type of silk, they all unanimously makes a women feel special.

This gorgeous piece of clothing should be worn with proper style in order to make the most out of it.  You can get plenty of ideas by simply seeing how our celebrities drape these sarees.

Choosing the right silk saree color, pairing it with right blouse, accessories, make up, and hairstyle are some of the aspects which when done properly will make a dramatic difference when you wear silk sarees.

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Here we have compiled 100+ best silk sarees worn by celebrities to help you style your silk sarees better.

Blue Silk Sarees:

Both deep and milder shades of blue are favorite hue to wear silk sarees. The milder shades can be worn for formal events, while the royal blue and navy blue shades are festive colors. Blue silk sarees goes well with pink color.

Opt for blue sarees with pink blouse or border to make it striking. Take a look on some of the fabulous blue sarees flaunted by celebrities.

Celebrity Sarees Celebrity Saree Designs Celebrity Sarees Celebrity Sarees

Green Silk Sarees:

From parrot green to peacock green, silk sarees of this shades goes well with women irrespective of their skin tone.

Deep blue, pink and red blends well with green silk sarees. Hence chose your blouse and border matching these colors and make silk saree evergreen!

Some green saree ideas from celebrities..

Celebrity Sarees Celebrity Sarees

Red Silk Sarees:

This is the best festive color. If you want to make your saree standout from everyone, go for these beauties without a thought.  Blue makes a perfect combination for red silk sarees.

So if you are in to vibrant colors chose red sarees with blue borders or simply pair your red saree with contrasting blue blouse.

Check out some gorgeous silk sarees sported on our celebrities in red.

Orange Silk Sarees:

If your complexion is fair, then orange will be your choice of color.  Women of darker shades may find it difficult to carry silk sarees of this shade. However, you can go for muted orange shades to experiment this color.

Check out some of the best orange silk sarees worn by celebrities.

Maroon Silk Sarees:

Every woman will at least have one of this color. It suits everyone.  Black and beige are wonderful combination to spice up your silk sarees.

To make it more dramatic, chose maroon silk sarees with zari work. It gives a classic look if styled properly. Below are some of the maroon silk sarees from celebrity wardrobe.

Celebrity Sarees

Grey Silk Sarees:

For formal events these color silk sarees will suit a lot.  If you want to perk up this color, pair it with contrasting pink or red blouses depending upon the intensity of shade. Below are few celebrity sarees for ideas.

Celebrity Sarees

Pink Silk Sarees:

The most favourite color of women! Blue and green can make the perfect contrasting colors for pink silk sarees. Opt for borders and blouses in the colors of blue and green and make your pink sarees stand out.

Below are few celebrity tips to style your pink silk sarees.

Celebrity Sarees Celebrity Sarees

Yellow Silk Sarees:

Shades of yellow, mustard are perfect choice to wear for traditional events and auspicious occasions.  Pair contrasting blouse in the shades of pink, blue or green and be a show stopper in your yellow sarees.

Take ideas from below celebrity yellow silk sarees.

Celebrity Sarees Celebrity Sarees

White Silk Sarees:

White is a sensational color for silk sares. With white there are millions of ways to make your saree look ravishing. You can play with any colors on white silk sarees and you can never go wrong.

Below are some style tips for while silk sarees.

Celebrity Sarees Celebrity Sarees Celebrity Sarees Celebrity Sarees

Black Silk Sarees:

Black is another classic colour of all time. It never fails to attract women. Highlight your black silk with red border or blouse for more drama.  It is a perfect color to wear late evening parties. It photographs exceptionally well.

Check out how celebrities who draped this color with grace.

Celebrity Sarees

Celebrity Sarees Celebrity Sarees

Heavy Zari Work:

Zari work can make a tremendous difference to your silk sarees. These are best choice for weddings.  Below are some of the celebrity styles to gather ideas.

Celebrity Sarees Celebrity Sarees

That was a whopping number of silk sarees. We are sure you would have found the best color, blouse pattern, styling ideas for your silk sarees.  Drape your silk saree with grace and elegance.

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