13 New Blouse Back Neck Designs For Pattu Sarees

Pattu sarees (aka silk sarees) may well be seen as an epitome of Indian traditional outfit; however that doesn’t mean you can’t add a dose of style to these timeless classic piece of clothing. Especially, in the form of new blouse models you team it up with.

With the fashion shows throwing us never ending line of blouse inspirations, it is the official time to get your pattu saree blouse stitched with flattering designs.

To begin with, experiment your blouse back necks. This widely seen area in a saree look, is often overlooked. So your first choice to make your pattu saree style stand out, is to dig out the new best back neck designs and flaunt them next time.

To ease out your blouse neck finding process, we did the research ourselves and the results are sure to get you ladies the best of blouse design.

New Blouse Back Neck Designs For Pattu Sarees

From edgy collar necks to stylish cut works, this season’s trendy pattu blouse necks have everything a modern woman wants in a traditional saree style. Now all you have to do is, scroll down and pick the ones that elevate your personal style.

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Check out 13 trendy new blouse back neck designs for a modern pattu sarees style!

Sheer Back Neck with Embroidery

Sheer blouses are trending hot this season. From celebs to style icons, you can see it being experimented on all kinds of sarees. Sheer blouses are best match for trendy designer and net drapes. However, that should not stop you from styling with your favorite silk sarees.

If you like to give a trendy appeal to your silk sarees, get yourself this see-through blouse, and see the compliments pouring in. To begin, get a gold sheer blouse with lavish thread embroidery, as this will suit saree of any kind.

New Blouse Back Neck Designs For Pattu Sarees

These blouses are highly versatile, and can be paired not just with silk, but with any sarees. So do consider this as a best investment.

Brocade Blouse with Flattering Back Neck

Brocade blouses and pattu sarees are irresistible duos in the world of ethnic fashion.  The new way to make this blouse stand out, is to opt for deep back necks with flawless cuts.

If you want to add a dose of grandeur, add a thread work or tassel work, either in the blouse hue or in any contrasting hue to keep the eyeballs glued on your saree back.

You can even go for long blouse sleeves as it will look excellent with deep neck designs.

New Blouse Back Neck Designs For Pattu Sarees
Photo : House of Blouse

If you want to play safe and keep your blouse style modest yet stylish all the way, brocade blouse will be your best choice.

Cold Shoulder Blouses

This season’s most glamorous blouse silhouette comes with a bit of skin show around the shoulders. It has hit massive success among our young fashion-loving women.

From saree blouses to lehenga tops, cold shoulders are taking center stage, and so it goes without saying that you need to incorporate this trendy blouse model on your pattu sarees as well.

New Blouse Back Neck Designs For Pattu Sarees
Photo : House of Blouse

However, if you feel skin show is clearly not your area, then do have a net fabric cover the spot and make the blouse work for you.

Boat Neck Blouses with Glamorous Back Neck Design

You might have already owned a boat neck blouse, and you might have even received compliments for it, considering it’s such an alluring blouse style.

This modish blouse is a perfect one for your silk sarees as well. To infuse stylish elements on this famous blouse model, try a statement back neck with stripes as below. It is bound to look stand out and attractive.

New Blouse Back Neck Designs For Pattu Sarees
Photo : House of Blouse

Even a simple brocade blouse can be turned to regal by the addition of stripes with impeccable open in between.

Collar Necks and Back Open

Collar necks are another interesting blouse model that has its strong presence in every ethnic outfit. It is time to experiment this on your silk saree blouse as well.

Just fixing a collar neck alone is not enough, for it is a pattu saree, and thus it has to look rich and attractive. To get that, consider having embellishments around the neck and sleeves. To glam up, you can even opt for flattering back open cuts.

New Blouse Back Neck Designs For Pattu Sarees
Photo : House of Blouse

Blouse Backs with Fancy Buttons

You can be uber cool with your silk saree blouse as well, if you opt for a blouse model like this. While most pattu saree blouses are decked with heavy embroidery, stone works and other conventional elements, break the mould and opt for fancy metallic buttons that gives a western vibes to your saree ensemble.

Don’t just stop with the buttons; opt for chic hooks or opens at the back to elevate the look further. The real inspiration is here below for you to bookmark.

New Blouse Back Neck Designs For Pattu Sarees
Photo : House of Blouse

Blouse Back Neck with Cloth Buttons

Often you don’t want a heavy work blouse, especially if the blouse is meant for simple cotton silk or light weight silk sarees.

These sarees are often for formal events rather than the famous bridal ceremonies. So you need a blouse model that is simple and down to earth, yet striking in all the way.

A simple brocade or raw silk blouse embellished with cloth buttons on the back is what you need to look at, if your requirements are as explained above.

New Blouse Back Neck Designs For Pattu Sarees
Photo : House of Blouse

Classic Gold Blouse

It is time to revive your classic gold blouse. To up the style quotient, you need interesting back opens with little details. One way to make it come true is by opting for precise trendy back opens, like the one below with a chic tie back.

New Blouse Back Neck Designs For Pattu Sarees
Photo : House of Blouse

At the risk of being repetitive, we assure you, gold blouse is always a investment. These basic blouse models come handy to save even the dullest looking saree.

Halter Neck Blouses

We already saw how collar neck can be a winning combination with silk sarees. So are halter neck blouses. They do make your silk sarees a notch sexier.

Some might think halter neck blouses are too trendy to pair with conventional silk sarees. Don’t let that stop you from trying this. The trick is to make the blouse work for you.

One way to do thi, is to skip sleeveless halter necks ( which is too sexy for silk we must say) and go for the one  like below. Add a punch in the form of flattering back open as this gorgeous women wears it.

New Blouse Back Neck Designs For Pattu Sarees
Photo : House of Blouse

Off The Shoulder Blouses

This is definitely not for everyone. If you like to look all traditional on your pattu saree, please give this a skip.

And for those divas, who absolutely want to look stylish even on this age old saree, then opting for an off-the shoulder blouse will bring that magic on your outfit.

New Blouse Back Neck Designs For Pattu Sarees
Photo : House of Blouse

Tie Back Blouses with Long Sleeves

Some blouses are meant to look super chic and sophisticated. If you like to tread carefully and never want to enter experimental models, then simple tie back blouses with long sleeves can instantly attract you.

They have everything needed for a simple looking blouse. Even women who have flabby hands can wear a blouse without any woes with this blouse style.

New Blouse Back Neck Designs For Pattu Sarees
Photo : House of Blouse

Trendy Patch Work

The conventional patch work involves lots of interesting fabric with glittery stuffs like stones, zari and traditional motifs like peacocks, flora etc. While this is an enticing way to get your pattu blouse done, chances are you are already bored of these old ways.

To make a trendy blouse, try to do the patching in two different fabric (here silk and net), with impeccable cuts to sew it together.

Here the fabric and the flawless cut is enough to do the talking without being crowded without anything fancy. The end result, you will get a trendy patch work blouse.

New Blouse Back Neck Designs For Pattu Sarees
Photo : House of Blouse

Lace Blouses Are Good Bet for Pattu Saree

If you plan to wear a breathable light weight breeze like silk saree, you need a complimenting easy going blouse to balance the look. In this case, going for heavy work and complicated fabric is not a wise move.

Stick to a simple lace blouse with cute thread tie-ups like the one below. If you get this blouse on versatile hues like black, gold, silver, you can then reuse it with most of your sarees and not just with silk.

New Blouse Back Neck Designs For Pattu Sarees
Photo : House of Blouse

We hope these new blouse designs for pattu sarees will get your inspirations high. These trendy back neck blouse designs are first step towards upgrading your pattu saree style.

Get your favorite design stitched in no time and you will be surprised on the compliments coming on your way. To purchase the same blouse designs, then head over here to shop.

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