OMG! The Most Gorgeous Lehenga Blouse Designs for Bridal Events!

Any bridal event (wedding, mehendi, sangeet, reception) calls for a tough day. From choosing the best outfit to accessories, from make up to footwear, lot must have been worked out before you hit the day.

These tensions and difficulties often reflect on your poor choice of overall outfit on your D-day. With little bit of planning this can be entirely avoided.

Today post is about the possible Lehenga blouse designs that you can choose when you plan to attend bridal related events. Our simple aid will ease you out if you choose to wear a lehenga for wedding parties.

Lehenga Blouse Designs For Bridal

Lehenga, being the most sought after dress to be paraded on weddings and other nuptial events, it poses a great challenge to pick the right skirt and blouse that suits you.

More than the skirt, it is the lehenga blouse that creates the actual impact of your style. So you need to spend some time to figure out the best possible blouse designs that are trending now and pick the one that flatters you body.

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Now time to dive in and check out some mind-blowing blouses that can make your lehenga style totally lust worthy.

Collar Neck with Embellishment

Do you like a simple yet trendy blouse model to bring out your lehenga style? Then consider wearing a brocade skirt, and pair with a high neck raw silk blouse. Get the bodice embellished with bold zari work.

From braids to bridesmaid, this simple lehenga style can look so dashing. Pair this with bold statement jewellery and go for nice hairdos. Since it is a bridal event, opt for vibrant contrasting colors for your skirt and blouse.

Lehenga Blouse Designs For Bridal
Photo : Laksyah

Fusion Wear Blouse

When it comes to weddings, not all days are meant to look traditional. Between heavily clad conventional dresses like gold old sarees, half sarees..Etc, you should also consider wearing something modern and trendy time to time.

Bored of all the glittery work, then do consider wearing a Indo-western style lehenga with key hole blouse like below. Pick a raw silk skirt and pair it with a cool jean blouse. Go for subtle embellishment to bring the party wood.

And finally finish off your lehenga style with minimal accessories and makeup.

Lehenga Blouse Designs For Bridal
Photo : Laksyah

Relaxed Silk Net Blouses

Even a mere thought of heavy work lehenga blouses smothers you? Don’t worry. There are plenty of other options that can be equally alluring like your heavy work blouse but that won’t intimidate while you wearing it.

For example, you can opt for simple relaxed blouses with catching adornments like below. Yes, even relaxed blouses can look as good as your figure hugging blouse. Do give this a try. The trick here is to pick the right color that fills the void of heavy work.

Lehenga Blouse Designs For Bridal
Photo : Laksyah

Lace Blouse with Tie Backs

If you are simply a wedding guest, then you need to dress up in a effortless way that stay grounded yet don’t fail to catch others attention. One way to hit this style is by opting plain skirts and blouse with very little detailing.

In this case, our pick would be to get a plain silk skirt and a complimenting lace blouse to nail the look. Go for tie backs to glam up your blouse!

Lehenga Blouse Designs For Bridal
Photo : Laksyah

Gold Blouse

Who can miss a simple gold blouse!

If you are color conscious and afraid to try anything new, then do give lehengas with gold blouses. Irrespective of skin tones, these blouses flair well on anybody. Besides, they can be not only paired with lehenga but reused as saree blouse as well.

Even a plain gold blouse would do. However, if you’re the bride, then you need to look for some embellishment here. Go for fine mirror, zari or stone work to infuse grandness.

Lehenga Blouse Designs For Bridal
Photo : Laksyah

Net Crop Tops

If you are conscious of your body, and want to maintain a slim look with your lehenga, then you need to stay away from the fabric that adds inches to your figure.

Opt for net lehengas as it tend to make you look super slim. Pair this with a trendy net crop top blouse with great thread work to finish off this style. Need inspiration? Check out the below.

Lehenga Blouse Designs For Bridal
Photo : Laksyah

Collar Neck Crop Tops

This is another fusion style that can be a great choice for those who want to look fashionable and stylish for the event.

Chic collar neck crop top along with a modern skirt can make all eyeballs glued to you. Why? It is totally voguish to flaunt any day. If you are just a wedding guest, this is the best pick for you. You can wear this on reception or on girls’ party day!

Lehenga Blouse Designs For Bridal
Photo : Laksyah

Mirror Work

Who wouldn’t love the sexy mirror detailing on lehenga skirt. Your sangeet and mehendi ceremony demands something so sensual and glamorous to steal all the limelight, and this mirror work lehenga and blouse is all you need for it.

Choose a color that highlights the gorgeous mirror work. Opt for trendy makeup and hairdos’ and finish off with bold fashion jewellery.  Bride, bridesmaid, guest, whoever, you may be, do give this lehenga style a try for it will look good on anyone.

Lehenga Blouse Designs For Bridal
Photo : Laksyah

Slit Tops

If you like to try some fancy blouse options for your lehenga, then go give long slit blouse a try.  Keep your skirt and blouse color contrasting so beneath the slit, your skirt will shine through.

Lehenga Blouse Designs For Bridal

Long Net Blouse with Boat Necks

This season is all about partying with floor touching blouse styles. We already saw how slit tops can be a best bet for those who love more than simple traditional blouse model.

Here is another blouse style along this line. Long see-through net blouse with vivid detailing and boat necks can be so attractive to wear on bridal events. If you need inspiration, check the below style.

Lehenga Blouse Designs For Bridal

Jacket Style

Are you worried of your flabby arms and waist? Then go for chic and sleek color neck jackets with fancy buttons to highlight!  If you are a bride, then consider wearing your jacket in velvet or silk fabric to make it look more rich and sophisticated. Select deep hues and wear with glittery stone choker to round off this look.

Lehenga Blouse Designs For Bridal

Peplum Tops

Waist is your high point? Want to flaunt your enviable waist line with flattering blouse style; do check out peplum blouse style. If you are just a guest, select simple top with minimal embellishment. However, if you are the actual bride, then you need to opt for deeper shades with plenty of zari and thread work to make your blouse stand out.

Lehenga Blouse Designs For Bridal

Slip Blouse

Stop being the boring bridesmaid/brides. Between the grand events and parties, you can give a break to your stuffed costume and wear something breathable like the one below. Consider this as your transitional outfit and enjoy the break time still being fashionable.

Lehenga Blouse Designs For Bridal

One Shoulder Blouse

If you need a glamorous blouse option then this will get you interested.  You can wear this on reception and follow-up party days to look best.

Lehenga Blouse Designs For Bridal

Velvet Blouse

If you want a grand appeal without much of suffocating work, then do give simple velvet blouse a try. The fabric itself is so appealing to infuse richness to your look.

For brides, this is just a blessing in disguise. These blouses photographs well. Select colors deep red or emerald or royal blue blouses that will look extraordinary in photos.

Lehenga Blouse Designs For Bridal

Stone Work

Some girls just love stone works.  A well stitched lehenga will glittery stone work that radiates beauty every way is hard to resist by those who don’t mind to look being shimmery and all.

Lehenga Blouse Designs For Bridal

Cape Necks

This is another modish blouse options which is blowing up everywhere. Its fame is quite startling. You can’t see a single celeb not giving this hot blouse option a try. Long cape necks are becoming a thing now. So if you like to be a trend setter, do consider this blouse style.

Lehenga Blouse Designs For Bridal

Choosing a lehenga blouse design alone is not sufficient.  You should also need to consider fabric, color and theme of the bridal event. All should be in sync to orchestrate a best outfit that is remembered by everyone on the gathering.

Sheer blouses

lehenga blouse designs bridal events

The most recent trend in bridal lehngas is to get the traditional designs and add an ultramodern feel to them. The hues are conventional, yet the style is contemporary. The patterns and designs of the embellishments are traditional; however, the materials used to create them are contemporary.

Sheer, transparent blouses are extremely stylish and chic. The sheer trend has been a prominent one and this season there are significantly more excellent designs that spruce up the bridal look than ever before.

Sheer blouses give this look an edgier, more present-day feel. Do you plan to wear some chic sheer styles this season? Then you must try this particular blouse design.

Off-shoulder long lehenga blouses

lehenga blouse designs bridal events

The evolution of the world from being traditional to modern has a great deal of impact on people’s dressing style. Due to the greater acceptance in the modern market, off-the-shoulder clothes are available in wide assortments.

As the modern fashion enthusiasts tend to love the understated style, the trendy elegance oozing out from off the shoulder lehenga blouses certainly draws the most attention.

They carry evergreen charm and constantly elicit big impacts. It’s completely true that a chic and charming off the shoulder blouse will make you look amazingly aristocratic!

Fringe blouses

lehenga blouse designs bridal events

A fringe blouse is an ideal addition to any of your lehengas to a dash of style, as it includes that unarguable trace of class and modernity. Fringe blouses ought to be a staple in each lady’s closet. Its class and sophistication make it an ideal piece for any bridal lehenga.

With a fringe blouse, it is possible anyhow to still look elegant yet daringly stylish. A modern fringe bridal blouse does not have to look antique or vintage at all, it can absolutely look trendy and stunning if you pick the right blouse design.

Long sleeves

lehenga blouse designs bridal events

In the event that you are searching for a good alternative to your short sleeve blouse, then the long sleeve blouse is a great choice. This blouse won’t just give you a look that is more formal but can also offer better coverage.

You can wear this blouse every season without going out of fashion. This modern long sleeve blouse doesn’t follow its traditional look and looks very trendy.

Long sleeves can easily put forward an exceptionally ladylike and humble look regardless of the bodice and neck design. Additionally, it can successfully look elegant and chic. You can have full long sleeves of the same material as your blouse and just a simple sweetheart neck design.

Fancy kurtis

lehenga blouse designs bridal events

Kurtis is a timeless style trend each season. They’re loved and admired by form forward women over the globe, particularly because of their simple to carry benefits.

Kurtis paired with lehenga looks striking yet stylish. This pastel shade of blue kurti-lehenga set adds a new dimension to your closet.

This combination is ideal for the days when you wish to dress it up and go all out for a bridal event look. You can likewise choose other shades as per your choice. This unusual combination will make you look like a diva easily.

Cold shoulder blouses

lehenga blouse designs bridal events

There is something about the cold shoulder blouse that makes people invariably marvel at it constantly. A woman who is aware of her capacities and fashion sense can make people see the sort of oomph a cold shoulder blouse can create.

On those chic cold shoulder styles, femininity is typically impeccably emphasized without overdoing. Among the most effortless designs of the present day, one can positively put the cold shoulder blouse variety right at the peak. You should simply try this particular design with your lehenga.

Boat neck blouses

lehenga blouse designs bridal events

Boat neck blouse trend is incredibly exciting. Even for those of us who think we don’t pull off the feminine and girly look very well, boat neck blouses are certain to change your opinion. Nobody says you need to pick them in pastels; choose whatever color you like and rock that event!

Most importantly, play around with this neck style and remember that as long as you carry yourself with poise, you won’t just look hot; you’ll feel it as well! The idea is to highlight the shoulder pad and show off the collar bone in an elegant manner.

Net layers

lehenga blouse designs bridal events

An embroidered sheer layer of the jacket is the ideal beautification for a plain blouse to give it a more fashionable appeal.

Fundamentally, same as a shrug, it is worn over the blouse and it comes in short and long sleeves and is commonly made of sheer. They are worn as an outermost layer of an outfit, with a blouse peaking underneath.

A sheer jacket is ultimately wonderful for weddings when it is coupled with a plain blouse as it gives the wearer a dash of classic mystery. If you need to add style to your plain blouse, definitely go for a sheer net jacket.

Halter neck blouses

lehenga blouse designs bridal events


The halter neck blouse includes two bits of fabric that meet at the back of the neck and is secured there, leaving the upper back uncovered, an awesome style for day and also evening wear. It suits all body types.

The halter neck blouse highlights the upper portion of your body – face, shoulder, and bust. Halter neck blouses are among the most loved pieces in a lady’s closet. They make you look totally ladylike, and at the same time, fashionable.

Criss-cross blouses

In the event that you are searching for some perfect, contemporary blouse styles to get spruced up on a bridal event, look no further than a criss-cross blouse to radiate magnificent style. Seen as a sprinkle of the rampant trend, these blouse styles are currently a modish trend for a glam fashion statement.

This season a lot of criss-cross blouses are filling up the racks. Criss-cross blouses are adored by ladies as it adds style to the wearer’s appearance. You should have at least one of these in your closet.

Also do take time on how should your makeup, hair and choice of accessories would look like. Looking your best on your lehenga is more than getting your blouse design right!

Do let us know your favorite lehenga blouse design to try on bridal events!

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