How To Dress Up In Sarees For This Summer

    Summers can ruin with your fashion quotient, and with the mercury rising, it’s an ideal opportunity to stock your wardrobe with some summery sarees that are super chic yet comfortable. Thus, for ladies who love wearing sarees and be comfortable too, here are some exquisite ways to style sarees that will give you a fashion high this summer.


    Summer-Friendly Sarees

    Summer is here and it is time to stock up your closet with breathable fabrics. Get some cotton, georgette, and chiffon sarees to beat the sweltering heat. These are the best summer sarees your wardrobe will have. Light and breezy, it’s a pleasure for the skin.

    1-saree (1)
    Photo : Instagram/ @suta_bombay
    1-saree (2)
    Photo : Instagram/ @suta_bombay

    Relaxed Blouses

    The traditional body-hugging blouses are now being replaced by more relaxed and breathable blouse designs.

    2-blouse (2)
    Photo : Instagram /@parama_g
    2-blouse (1)
    Photo : Instagram /@parama_g

    Chic Eyeglasses

    This accessory is a must-have for everywhere. Sunglasses make you look effortlessly chic. Especially if it is sunny outside, these are vital to protect your eyes from the sun, while looking marvelous!

    3-eye-glasses (2)
    Photo : Instagram /@nisha_narayanan
    3-eye-glasses (1)
    Photo : Instagram /@nisha_narayanan

    Minimal Accessories

    The minimalist style will never go out of fashion. From minimalist earrings to minimal bracelet, there is a subtle look for everybody.

    4-accessories (1)
    Photo : Instagram /@urbandrape
    4-accessories (2)
    Photo : Instagram /@urbandrape

    Light Weight Bags

    They are trendy and classy. Why wouldn’t anybody want a lightweight bag when it strikes the perfect balance between functionality and style? Get your hands on one and carry your essentials stylishly.

    5-bags (2)
    Photo : Instagram /@thebohobaalika
    5-bags (1)
    Photo : Instagram /@neetha_manoj

    Your worry regarding how to nail perfect summer saree look ends right here. The summery colors refresh your closet instantly, and they great for work or even a casual outing.

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