8 Natural Makeup Looks/Ideas for Wheatish Skin

Wheatish skin tone or Brown skin tone is a very common skin colour in India.  Wheatish skin tone is actually light brown colour. The problem with wheatish girls is that they follow the makeup rules or ideas of either fair skin or dusky/dark skin tone. In reality wheatish skin colour is a medium shade which isn’t too fair or dark.

Normally wheatish girls have an orange-yellow undertone. So they have to choose their makeup accordingly so as to avoid patchy skin or uneven skin tone.

Natural Makeup Ideas Looks For Wheatish Skin

First let us discuss some tips that wheatish girls should follow while doing or selecting their makeup essentials. As wheatish women have a yellowish orange undertone, they should use warm coloured highlighters or eyeshadows like gold or bronze tones, so as to get a perfectly blended look.

Normally water based cc creams or foundations are best suitable for wheatish skin tone. When it comes to lipstick, wheatish girls should go for maroon, mauve, plum, burgundy, rust, and deep red shades.

Often wheatish girls confuse their skin tone with that with the fairer one, and thus commit makeup blenders. Never try to make your skin look fairer by choosing wrong foundation or compact, this would only make your skin look grey or dark.

Natural Makeup Ideas Looks For Wheatish Skin

To avoid tawdry look, avoid using silver highlighters or eye shadows and light shade blushes. Moreover brown skin women should also avoid using light pink or bright orangish lipstick shades.

So here we bring you 8 natural makeup looks for wheatish skin tone.

Keep it simple with only using foundation and concealer

Wheatish women should never opt for lighter or darker foundation shade. Always use a shade that is close to your skin shade. You can swatch the foundation shades to know which shade goes with your skin tone.

Apply some foundation on your face and blend it properly in your skin with a makeup blender. Make sure the foundation is evenly spread on your skin. After this use a concealer to evenly tone your skin and hide dark circles, blemishes, pimples/acnes or discoloration.

Always go for a concealer shade that is bit darker than your skin tone. Use the narrow tip of a makeup blender to blend the foundation properly on the skin. A sleek ponytail and you are ready to go with this simple makeup look.

Natural Makeup Look Ideas For Wheatish Skin

A unique mixture of light and dark foundation shades

For this you have to use to foundation shades, one a lighter shade and a shade that is close to your skin tone. Take small quantities of both the shades in your palm and create a unique shade and apply on your skin.

You can use different quantities of both the foundation shades to create a personalized new shade. Apply the shade on your face and blend it evenly. Then take a lighter and darker shade concealer for face contouring.

Apply the lighter shade concealer under your eyes, cheek bones nose and then apply the darker shade concealer on your chin, forehead and nose and blend both the shades evenly on your face to get s sculpted look.

Natural Makeup Look Ideas For Wheatish Skin

Matte makeup finish with compact powder

Compact powder gives a unified finish to the face. Wheatish women should mostly use beige undertone compact powder. After applying foundation on the face, apply some compact on the face, focusing on areas under the eyes, cheeks and nose.

Make sure to evenly apply the powder on the face so as to avoid uneven look. Avoid using transparent compact powders as they make the face look ashy and patchy.

In order to get an even more natural and no makeup look, wheatish girls can apply moisturizer on their face and then dab some compact powder on their face to get a simple and glowing look.

Natural Makeup Look Ideas For Wheatish Skin

Keep it natural with nude lipsticks

If you are getting ready for some simple outing to the market with your girl gang or an outing to the movie theatre, it’s best to use minimal make up.

I would suggest keeping it chic and classy with nude lipsticks. Use minimal make up on the face, kajal on the eyes and apply some shade of nude lipstick on your lips.

Natural Makeup Look Ideas For Wheatish Skin

Give your face a rosy touch

Using blush makes your face look bright and radiant. The perfect blush can make your cheeks glow. First you have to do the basic makeup using foundation, and then you have to focus on contouring.

Do not over do the contouring part as it would make your face look darker. While choosing blushes, always go for deep plum, coral and medium pink or light-medium pink blushes, so as to get a warm look on your skin.

Natural Makeup Look Ideas For Wheatish Skin

Eye liner on point

While using eye liner, try to avoid bright neon colours, rather you should go for blue, green and brown shades. You can also use the same shade as your kajal to give a unique look. If you are going for some party, then using an eye liner is must to finish your look.

Natural Makeup Look Ideas For Wheatish Skin

Lunch makeup look

First evenly apply foundation and concealer on your face. Then use some rose gold eye shadow on your eyelids.

You can apply rose gold eye shadow on the lower part above the eyelid and a dark brown eye shadow shade on the upper half near the eyebrows. Use a brush to blend both the shades. Take black or blue eyeliner and give your eyes a winged look.

Use a golden undertone highlighter on your cheek bones, just below your eyes. Use can use compact to finish your look.

Natural Makeup Look Ideas For Wheatish Skin

Dinner makeup look

During night time you should use bit dark and bold make up. Apart from using foundation and concealer in the regular manner, you should use dark shades of eye shadows and lipsticks.

Use some glittery black or royal blue eye shadow on your eyelids. Go for dark red blush for your cheeks and finish the look with maroon or burgundy lipsticks.

Natural Makeup Ideas Looks For Wheatish Skin

Hope these makeup ideas were helpful for all the wheatish women out there. Stay happy and look pretty!

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