8 Stylish Saree Blouse Designs to Compliment Thin Arms

Having a thin arm is a blessing in disguise. Especially, when it comes to wearing sarees and blouses, all one need is a less flabby arm to compliment the body curves.

When you are naturally approved of a toned slim hands, we must say, you have hit a jackpot. With slender arms and sleek fit body, any saree and blouse is sure to look regal on you.

what blouse designs to wear with thin arms
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However, if you care to go in-depth on the blouse designs that add more value to your over all look, you will realize that some designs can be so apt on you compared to the rest.

We understand your next question? What are those possible designs that could add more grace to your saree look. Isn’t it? Well..we have curated nearly 8 stylish options which are sure to look great on women who have thin arms.

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Now scroll ahead to read what are they and time to seek inspiration for your blouses.

Blouses with Short Sleeves

It’s time to show off your toned arms with a defined short sleeve blouses. It has great affinity to make you look younger and cool.

This blouse is very hard to pull off by women who have heavier arms and bust. It will make your saree style a mishap. However, with thin arms, this blouse model is a breeze to wear.

Opt for cute embellishments and quirky designs on the sleeve to make it look even more attractive.

Blouse Designs To Wear With Thin Arms

Sleeveless Saree Blouse

This is definitely not a new one.  This classic blouse design will never run out of trend. It is a perfect choice for women who have sleek figure.

To give a modern twist to these blouses, wear relaxed sleeveless blouses with long bodice and attractive neck designs along with your sarees.

Blouse Designs To Wear With Thin Arms
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Boat Neck Blouse Design

Boat neck blouses are trending this season. With every major celeb wearing this with their own personal style, this pattern has attracted huge fan following.

However, it is not an easy breezy thing to be worn well by everyone. Women with plump hands and big bust must stay away from it.

Naturally the necks are going to take a center stage in this blouse design, thus for fit ladies, it will look extraordinary because of your structured hands that aids in making your neck design standout.

Blouse Designs To Wear With Thin Arms

Heavy Work Blouses

Saree blouses can look incredibly attractive with creative work and detailing. But it does increase the volume of your look.

While saree itself tend to layer up your look, many may hesitate to wear heavy work blouse long with it, thinking it will bulge up the style.

Fortunately, women with thin arms are freed of all these problems.  They can carry off any heavy work blouse with saree without looking heavy.

Blouse Designs To Wear With Thin Arms

Sleeveless Collar Necks

Collar neck blouses are one of the chic options to try with designer and party wear sarees. It tends glam up your look without you having to do anything.

They are a god-send gift for slender arm girls.  They can make your saree style above waist highly structured and defined.

Blouse Designs For Thin Arms

Puff Sleeve Blouses

This is one of the classiest models but won’t sit well on all saree. It tends to make your arms look flab than it is already. That’s why women with big arms tend to avoid this.

But it is a great option for you to try out. This blouse is ideal for silk sarees. Your banarasi and kanjivaram silk will be majestic with a short puff sleeve blouse.

Blouse Designs To Wear With Thin Arms
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Statement Sleeve Blouses

With many fashion designers redefining saree blouses to suit the needs of modern women, we get to see plenty of fashionable blouse sleeve style taking rounds in fashion world.

Still many blouses are not in wearable range due to unwanted limelight it tends to bring on the arm area, especially if that is your sore point. Nevertheless, women of perfect hand can enjoy this privilege. Any statement sleeve blouse is a perfect fit for you.

Blouse Designs To Wear With Thin Arms
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Long Sleeve Blouses

If for some reason, you are not at all comfortable showing your thin arms, then take the rescue form the basic long sleeve blouses as they are so opt for you.

You can even pull off a heavy work on a full sleeve blouse without blowing up the look.

Blouse Designs To Wear With Thin Arms

These are few of blouse ideas that will surely compliment women of thin arms. If you have other blouse ideas that should be included in the list, do drop your comments below.

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