20+ Pretty Kerala Saree Blouse Designs

Kerala Saree (a.k.a Kasavu Saree) is a hand woven fabric in off-white hue with gold border. It is worn by malayalee women during their traditional moments.

However, the beauty of these sarees is quite popular down south, and you can see a huge fan following all over the southern states in India.

These sarees are practically a treasure for women who like to be creative in their dressing.  Because, it is one of those kind of saree which can literally be worn with any blouse and create a new look each time.

This versatility often continues to fascinate women who have a special place for sarees. Besides, these hand woven sarees gives a classic appeal when worn with traditional jewelleries. So, this gives us all the more reason to add this in a must-own-no-matter-what list.

Sarees For Kalamkari Blouses

One great aspect of this saree is how you pair them with pretty blouses. So, today let’s check out some cool blouse designs and ideas that can completely flatter this beautiful sarees.

From the ravishing gold to emerald green, Kerala kasavu sarees flare exceptionally well with blouses on all the tempting tones in the color palette. Now scroll down to take a look on what are they!

Green Zari Blouse

We adore this green and the shoulder embellishment which part a festive appeal to this white saree. Besides the beautiful jhumka and bangles, how many of you have spotted the pretty nose pin that compliments the saree here?

Kerala Saree Blouse Designs

Blouse With Customized Motifs

Wear a kasavu saree with a glorious green blouse like this, you will be assured to get plenty of praises for your saree style.

Kerala Saree Blouse Designs

Kerala Saree With Ikat Blouse

The black ikat blouse with fine mirror work adds extra dose of elegance right away. Wear this with oxidized silver jewellery and huge black bindi for a remarkable saree style.

Kerala Saree Blouse Designs

Kerala Saree With Brocade Blouse

The black brocade blouse and stack of black glass bangles gives an authentic traditional look here. When you wear kasavu saree, make sure your accessories too stand out like this.

Kerala Saree Blouse Designs

Silk Blouse

The beauty of wearing these sarees is, you can grab any of your silk saree blouse and match it like a pro. Guess what? Yes, we all have plenty of silk saree blouses waiting to be worn like this.

Kerala Saree Blouse Designs

Kerala Saree With Kalamkari Blouse

Yes, kalamkari blouses are going to amplify the beauty of these sarees. Give an artistic touch by mixing this pretty combination.

Kerala Saree Blouse Designs

Kerala Saree With Matching White Blouse

Wearing an off-white saree with same matching blouse can be tricky. However, with a stylish sleeve and neck, you can never go wrong. In this case, add pop of colors in the form of makeup and accessories.

Kerala Saree Blouse Designs

Mirror Work Blouse

This simple mirror work blouse looks ravishing and uber cool on kasavu saree. This is a proof that when you pick a vibrant color as this, you will end up in an enviable saree style.

Kerala Saree Blouse Designs

Kasavu Saree With Gold Blouse

If you love sarees like us, chances are you will already have the universal gold blouse on your closet. Bring it out to wear with this saree. Take your hair for a bun; opt for choker and some bright lips. You will see a killing saree style.

Kerala Saree Blouse Designs

Elbow Length Blouse

This is another green variation which can elevate your kasavu saree look. Match this look with pretty bangles and necklace for down-to-earth style.

Kerala Saree Blouse Designs

Short Sleeve Blouse

Kerala sarees offers plenty of scope in your accessory section. From gold ornaments to pretty terracotta pieces, this saree can blend so well. Here is the inspiration to up your jewellery style in case if you stick to default blouse.

Kerala Saree Blouse Designs

Classic Red Blouse

We love how this bold stone cum bead work on blouse makes this saree style fashion forward.

Kerala Saree Blouse Designs

3/4th Sleeve Blouse

A flattering blouse and bold jhumka takes this normal saree look to exceptional.

Kerala Saree Blouse Designs

Lime Green Blouse

Planning to hit the parties on early morning? Then try a lime green blouse with your saree and see how refreshing it looks.

Kerala Saree Blouse Designs

Beaded Blouse

For a classic look, wear this saree with an elbow length red beaded blouse and opt for kemp accessories.

Kerala Saree Blouse Designs

Simple Peach Blouse

This is a kind of blouse that’s going to divert all the attention to you. Simple and sassy.

Kerala Saree Blouse Designs

Plain Short Sleeve Blouse

For those who like to keep things simple, here is a perfect blouse choice for you to take inspiration from.

Kerala Saree Blouse Designs

Silk Peach Blouse

When you wear this saree for late evening events, try a peach-ish orange blouse and see how it lifts your look to whole new level.

Kerala Saree Blouse Designs

Cold Shoulder Blouse

Give a modern spin to your kasavu saree by opting for chic cold shoulder blouses. Your saree style can’t get trendier than this.

Kerala Saree Blouse Designs

Embellished Gold Blouse

Here is a way to look ethereal in a kerala style saree. Tip – Pair it with an embellished gold blouse and grab a crimson red lipstick.

Kerala Saree Blouse Designs

Bright Red Blouse

When in doubt on all the other fancier options, wear a simple bright red blouse.

Kerala Saree Blouse Designs

So dear friends, if you haven’t yet experimented these super pretty sarees and blouses, do give them a try. They are just too adorable to give a miss. And good news is, it is less expensive than your silk and designer sarees, but would look ultra beautiful when styled with a right blouse.

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