The Classic Summer Friendly Saree Look

When it comes to summer, we would recommend women to wear breathable material sarees, so that the body doesn’t feel hot or suffocated. Materials like silk, georgette, tussar, etc, aren’t breathable material and are thus unsuitable for summer season. These materials would make the wearer hot, sweaty and uncomfortable.

We would suggest women to go for handloom cotton sarees during summer season. Handloom sarees are very light and will easily let air pass in and out, thus making it extremely breathable and comfortable attire.

Recently we spotted Poorna draping a colourful cotton saree that revived our notion on these handmade sarees. They reflect simplicity and grandeur at the same time.  Handloom sarees come in many patterns, but one style that surpasses the rest is this checkered design.

The best part about checked sarees is they have different hues, thus giving a multi-coloured design to the saree. Checkered sarees showcase the combination and evolution of many colours, put together in one outfit. Now scroll down to see how the actress managed to strike the chord with this saree look.

Classic Checkered Handloom Saree Classic Checkered Handloom Saree

In case if you opt to try this look coming summer, we recommend keeping the overall look of a handloom saree simple. You can pair a simple blouse having the shade of the dominant coloured part of the saree. Keep the blouse simple with no embroidery or very minimal embroidery work.

Be it full sleeve or 3/4th sleeve, half sleeve or sleeveless, any type of sleeve can fully complement a handloom saree. We would recommend the wearers to keep the makeup extremely minimal and wear traditional jewellery like jhumkas or silver jewellery. And finally, you can finish the look with buns or side ponytails.

Have happy summers by wearing handloom sarees effortlessly.

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