10 Irresistible Plain Salwar and Heavy Dupatta Combinations

This is wedding season where you dress yourself up in the best way possible. Well, attending a series of wedding in those heavy lehengas might be too much by now. So scroll down for some really cool heavy dupatta’s coupled with plain Salwar.

Plain Salwar And Heavy Dupatta Combinations

Plain Salwar with Brocade Dupatta

Brocade dupatta are beautifully woven dupatta with those intricate motifs. They might be heavy, but will give you a very royal look. This black and golden brocade dupatta with that bold red border adds an extra grace to it.

This ensemble can surely be worn for a party or for any formal function. You can club this dupatta even with plain white and off-white salwar. You can wear a simple, sleek band watch in one hand.

You can also grab those metallic heavy jhumkas and you are on board without any second thought. That’s the charm of wearing totally Indian as you can’t simply go wrong.

Plain Salwar And Heavy Dupatta Combinations


Plain Salwar with Phulkari Dupatta

How can you miss this master piece which traditionally comes from the northern state of India- Punjab? “Phulkari” has its own meaning “phul” means flower and “kari” means work.

When this amazing, abstract flower motif is embroidered on dupatta which is either done by hand or by machine, it gives such a artistic feel. These dupatta are perfect for any occasion whether it’s your friends ring ceremony or a get together. Just don’t forget to wear your juttis along with that to give it a totally “DESI SWAG”.

Plain Salwar And Heavy Dupatta Combinations

Plain Salwar with Karachi Dupatta

Karachi dupatta is something you can’t afford to miss. This pretty hand embroidered dupatta will take your breath away. Everything starting from the intricate motif to the specific colour of the embroidery thread is beautifully selected.

This turquoise colour embroidery will add a dash to your whole outfit. Wearing this dupatta will definitely attach you to your roots. And there is something in wearing these traditional dupatta will surely give a pure Indian ethnic look.

Plain Salwar And Heavy Dupatta Combinations

Plain Salwar with Pompom Dupatta

Let’s be little dramatic with those POM-POM. Pom-pom has been our favorite thing for a long time. Let’s bring those on our dupatta. Here big black pom-pom is stitched all over the corners.

This mustard colour pom-pom dupatta with overall print can be teamed with simple plain black kurta and salwar. It can be beautifully carried in college with those Kolhapuri chapels and black metal jhumkas.

Plain Salwar And Heavy Dupatta Combinations

Plain Salwar with Embellished Net Dupatta

Isn’t it wow? When velvet is everywhere, then why not a suit? This velvet suit along with this beautifully embellished net dupatta with gotta border is a perfect outfit for a wedding reception with those soft curls. Just drape the dupatta over the shoulder making it easy to manage.

Try to keep the jewellery minimal which will give it a very classy and sophisticated look. This is the best thing you can do when in a hurry, just grab that dupatta and you are ready to nail the show.

Plain Salwar And Heavy Dupatta Combinations

Plain Salwar with Benarasi Dupatta

Everybody is aware of Benarasi saree but have you ever thought of wearing a Benarasi dupatta with any contrast salwar suit. If “NO” then it’s time to try this out in your upcoming function. And I am sure you will be a show stopper.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan so elegantly carries this magenta Benarasi dupatta with thick border and intricate golden motif which is coupled with sky high golden heels. You can also add those heavy jhumkas to give it a truly ethnic look.

Plain Salwar And Heavy Dupatta Combinations


Plain Salwar with Velvet Dupatta

Anushka Sharma is the talk of the town at this newly wed bride has just come back from her honeymoon. She is known for carrying any look so comfortably that it looks effortless.

Here is one tip that we can take from her is pairing a red velvet dupatta along with this contrast Anarkali dress which she wore at Shirin Morani’s wedding reception.

You can keep your hairdo simple or you can have a sleek ponytail with those danglers along with silver or golden mojarris. And then you are ready to rock the show whether it’s a wedding function or a reception.

Plain Salwar And Heavy Dupatta Combinations

Plain Salwar with Lace Dupatta

There are days when are in full mood getting dressed up in a totally desi style with those mojarris and big hoops. So this lace dupatta is for you. As Deepika’s off-white desi swag never failed to calm us.

There is something very special about wearing these lace dupatta as you can put them on one shoulder and make it fall on your arm and let people look at you in awe and admiration for your dressing skills.

Like Deepika you too can club this look with turquoise jhumkas which will add some colour to your whole off-white look.

Plain Salwar And Heavy Dupatta Combinations

Plain Salwar with Katha Work Dupatta

Are you someone who hates managing those heavy dupatta’s which sometimes gives you a hard time in adjusting one? So here is something just for you. Katha work dupatta is something which isn’t that heavy, but still give other’s the illusion of been one.

That’s the specialty of this dupatta that you can easily drape it on and enjoy that graceful look. You can wear this for any of your formal and informal occasions.

Plain Salwar And Heavy Dupatta Combinations

Plain Salwar with Grey Shimmery Dupatta

Coco Chanel once said “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous”. And this dupatta incorporates both classy as well as fabulous look.

Colour grey has its own charm which never fades and this grey shimmery dupatta is for someone who is very simple and sober, but would like to add that shimmer to that flawless look. You can surely use a red wash on your lips or like Anushka you can keep it to baby pink.

Plain Salwar And Heavy Dupatta Combinations

We hope you have taken the needed inspirations from the above list of plain salwar and dupatta combinations. A good dupatta is worth the investment since it can literally be paired with any Indian outfit. So it goes way beyond plain salwars. Get one for yourself and you will thank us!

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