Do This To Make Your Hair Thick and Strong From Roots

Hair is the most visible portion of the body. Blessed are those who are born with good hair. Watching a person flaunting her lustrous hair locks will always make us wonder what it is to grow hair thick from the roots. Hair thinning is the common problem that many face today. Due to excessive stress, lack of proper nutrition, and heavy pollution, it becomes common for many to face severe hair fall at the young age. However, it is not the end of the world. With proper hair care and basic knowledge on what causes hair fall, you can easily restore the lost hair. By rigorously following the appropriate hair care that suits your hair, you can even grow thick hair from the roots.

Before that take time to understand why it is essential to take care of hair roots before you spend any money on all the fancy hair products which claims to grow your hair miraculously. For a hair to look healthy and permanently restore its beauty, you need to care for the roots that aids in hair growth.  Any treatment or product you use on the visible portion of your hair is unfortunately not going to help your hair roots get stronger.

How to make hair thick and strong from roots

How can you take care of your hair roots and make it stronger?

For that, you need to first understand what causes your hair fall problem. There are some common causes that triggers hair thinning. If you suffer on one of these problems, then you need to avoid or reduce doing it to cease your hair fall.

Causes for Hair Thinning


Stress is not only the major cause for many diseases, but also for hair fall. If you are facing rough time on your personal or professional life, chances are you will most likely face hair fall problem. Obviously, you need to find a way on how to overcome your stress.


Women who are in the stage of menopause will face hair problem due to hormonal changes.  Decreased level of hormone estrogen is said to be the root cause for server hair fall during this stage.  This same hormone is generally high during pregnancy. That’s why women have healthy hair during pregnancy.


Dandruff is the most common problem for hair thinning. If you let your scalp to accumulate the dirty thick white patch for a prolonged time, then you will see huge hair fall due to that.

Improper Eating:

Are you into too much of junk and fatty foods, chances are your body lacks proper nutrition, the effect of which is sever hair fall.

Too much of chemical:

Harsh shampoos, color treatments and other ridiculous hair instruments that use heavy heat will damage your hair to the core and induce sever hair fall.


Sometimes your hair thinning problem could just be hereditary. But fret not, even then you can take simple steps you maintain your hair growth without doing any other damage.

These are some of the common problems that could be the possible reason for your hair fall. If you face any of the above condition, try to avoid them by all cost.

How To Make Hair Thick & Strong

Now, how to grow the hair back thick and strong from the roots? There are few things which you can try from home for proper hair growth. All these activities are safe and improve your hair in the long run.


Eat foods rich in vitamin and minerals for a good hair growth.  Especially vitamin A, vitamin B12, vitamin 6, protein, iron, folic acid, biotin can actively promote your hair growth.

Milk, egg, fish, green vegetables, chicken, soybeans, potatoes, yogurt are some of healthy foods that provides nourishment to your body thereby increasing the hair growth.


It might not have a direct impact on your hair growth. But it will have huge impact on your overall body there by indirectly help your hair fall to reduce. A good 30-min exercise of any sort will improve blood circulation and distribution of oxygen across the body. Exercise can greatly reduce your stress levels and help to relax the body.


To simulate hair growth from roots, hair massage is highly recommended. Weekly try a good hair massage for about 10-15 minutes by taking ample amount of any essential oil and rubbing it across the scalp. Leave it overnight and wash it off the next day using mild herbal shampoo. This will improve the blood circulation on the scalp and induce the hair growth.


Keeping your hair shaft clean and clear will help your hair roots to get stronger and promote thick hair growth. Excessive toxic build ups due to heavy usage of chemical shampoos, conditioners and other hair products could weaken your hair roots thereby causing hair breakage and thinning it out. Proper cleansing of hair is often required to clean all the build ups.  Steam baths can open the scalp pores and give away the sturdy toxin build ups.

Taking extra care:

make hair thick and strong from roots

Ask any person who has voluminous healthy hair, they will tell you it’s all about taking proper hair care and grooming for life long. For a healthier hair, it is inevitable that you need to spend quality time in taking care of your hair. Some of the common hair care tips are

  • Always use a fine-tooth comb on your hair. Don’t comb it harshly.
  • Don’t use comb on wet hair
  • Brush your hair thoroughly before taking hair bath, it will clear up the build-up and remove all tangles. This way, hair fall is less.
  • Don’t use hair shampoo on hair. Especially the ones that are loaded with chemicals.
  • Avoid using shampoos that uses sodium lauryl sulphate. It is one of the toxic chemical that is bound to damage your hair.
  • Avoid hair styling and hair colouring as much as possible. Though it gives an appealing temporary look, the damage is permanent.
  • Instead of chemical loaded conditioners, use natural oils to keep your hair hydrated.
  • Wear scarfs to avoid exposing your hair to excessive outside pollution.
  • Finally, drink plenty of water.

Growing your hair thick from the roots is no magic. Only with the proper care and healthy eating, it can be achieved. There are tons of marketing company who are full of false claims to restore your hair to healthy state. However, before trying it, take time to get your basic hair care right and don’t be a prey for their advertisements. As already mentioned, treatments for the visible portion of hair will you a timely relief, but in the long run, unless you take care of hair roots, your hair fall problem will bounce back again!

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