12 Beautiful Banarasi Saree Blouse Design

When it comes to Banarasi sarees, pictures of gorgeous and vibrant traditional sarees reflecting a rich appearance, immediately flashes in the mind. Well, that’s the beauty of Banarasi sarees.

They are connected to the core traditions of India and reflect the glorious Indian culture by showcasing a luxuriant look.

Banarasi sarees can be defined as the most elegant, gorgeous and divine ensembles to modify a woman’s beauty. Banarasi sarees radiate sophistication, class and tradition.

Moreover, Banarasi sarees can be worn to any party or event, be it simple get-together, high profile parties, wedding ceremonies, office events, or dinner/lunch outings.

The luxurious silk crafted with beautiful embroidery, thread work, and motifs etc, makes Banarasi sarees stand out from the rest. Another best thing about Banarasi sarees are, they are woven with silver and golden threads, giving the attire a classic and rich look.

With the modern woman experimenting with fashion every day, fashionistas have decided to add some contemporary and urban touch to the traditional and classic Banarasi sarees. Rather than adding modernity in the embellishments of the saree, why not pair a nice chic or urban blouse with it.

Pairing a beautiful and contemporary blouse will surely elevate the look of conventional Banarasi saree. As we have always said, a blouse is an integral part of a saree. A bland blouse will not only ruin the look of a saree, but also distort your overall appearance. It is very essential for the blouse to complement the saree.

banarasi saree blouse designs

So here we have shortlisted some amazing chic blouses that you can pair with your Banarasi saree to get a contemporary and ethnic look at the same time.

Sleeveless High Neck Blouse

Many women prefer sleevless blouses as they are light to carry and breathable as well. Low neck and boat neck sleevesless blouses are very common, so why not combine high neck with sleevless blouses to get a new look?

High neck will add sophistication to your Banarasi saree and lack of sleeves will add a certain oomph factor to the attire. The blouse design may look simple but it will add class to your saree. Finish the look with chandeliers or jhumkas to get a more classic look.

banarasi saree blouse designs

U-Neck Blouse With Ruffle Sleeves

Ruffle sleeves are the current rising fashion trends. They are very famous in the western attires. So why not use them in the traditional attires as well? Give your blouse a modern twist by adding ruffle sleeves to them.

Make sure to keep the sleeves 3/4th and then add ruffle to the hem. The U-neck design of the blouse adds elegance and sexiness to the saree. Another great idea is to add pom poms to the cuffs to add some ethnicity to the contemporary blouse. Finish the look with sleek hair and simple accessories.

banarasi saree blouse designs

V-Neck Full Sleeve Blouse

Plain full sleeve blouses have a certain sophistication and class to them. This authentic blouse design is for women who love to keep it simple. Add some more vintage factor to your rich Banarasi saree by pairing it with a simple full sleeve blouse.

The V-neck of the blouse gives this one a fashion forward look. So pick this blouse style if you like to increase the grandeur of your saree.

banarasi saree blouse designs

Chic Embroidered Blouse

Pairing a short sleeve or cap sleeve blouse with your saree is an ordinary thing. But, you can stand out of the crowd by pairing a simple, embroidered blouse with your Banarasi saree.

You can opt for minimal or heavy embroidery, depending on the motifs and embroidery work on your saree. Opt for a U-neck or boat neck for such designs.

banarasi saree blouse designs

Chic Halter Neck Blouse

We have seen halter neck tops and t-shirts. Why not pair your vintage Banarasi saree with a halter neck blouse, to get a balanced modern and contemporary look?

Halter neck blouse will not only make you look sexy but also add grandeur to your saree. As halter necks are a modern design, keep the blouse simple. But you can also add some embroidery on the sleeves to add a bit of ethnic touch to the blouse.

banarasi saree blouse designs

Heavily Embroidered U-Neck Backless Blouse

Backless blouse designs are bold contemporary way of carrying off your saree look. Pairing a backless blouse with deep U-neck will not only make you look bold, but will also give your traditional Banarasi saree an uber cool look.

In order to give the blouse a rich look, you can go for heavy embroidery on the neck, cuffs and body of the blouse.

banarasi saree blouse designs

Printed Cut Out Blouse

Cut out designs are the ruling fashion trends, with cut out tops, jeans and shirts being the favourite of the present generation. So what’s a better way than wearing a cut out blouse with your Banarasi saree?

You can opt for back cut outs or cut outs on the sleeves. Simple plain thread works or motifs would go well with this design.

banarasi saree blouse designs

Hollow Back Sleeveless Blouse

Wearing a simple, single colour blouse with backless or hollow back design will surely add a modern touch to your rich and royal Banarasi saree. This design will give your overall attire an urbane and cutting-edge design.

banarasi saree blouse designs

U-Neck Blouse With Over Lapping Sleeves

Want to wear a sleek and elegant blouse with your grandly embroidered Banarasi saree?  You can pair a plain blouse with over lapped sleeves to get a smooth overall look.

banarasi saree blouse designs

Wide Neck Contrast Patterned Blouses

Simplicity is the new trendsetter. Women can go for simple 3/4th sleeve blouses with wide neck and contrast pattern design on its body. You can also opt for simple lines revolving all around the body of the blouse. Opt for deep colours or colours darker than the colour of your saree.

banarasi saree blouse designs

Boat Neck Zari Blouse

If your Banarasi saree has plain patch work embroidery, then this design is best for you. You can wear a deep boat neck blouse with zari prints all over its body. Go for elbow length or 3/4th sleeves for a more chic look.

banarasi saree blouse designs

Single Colour Blouse With Elbow Length Sleeves

This design is best suitable for simple events like office parties, get-togethers or house parties. You can pair your saree with a plain blouse with elbow length sleeves. You can go for heck neck, boat neck or U-neck designs.

banarasi saree blouse designs

So, stitch your blouses according to your specifications and rock a contemporary look with the traditional Banarasi saree.  Do you have other blouse models that should be on this list? Drop your ideas below and share it with our readers.

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