Here is The Coolest Way to Wear Cotton Sarees

Imagine you are walking to your office premise, or stepping out for a friends outing, wearing a figure hugging light cotton saree that not only embrace you much to the unwillingness of blazing sun but also make you look delightfully stylish and notable.

Is this even achievable in the morbid heat of our country you may ask! Of course!!!!

All you need to do to achieve this desirable picture that is floating on your head right now, is by opting for a simple breezy cotton saree and styling it appropriately.

When it comes to drape cotton sarees in fashion forward ways, first you need to cut off all the glittery accessories that will never sit well on this down-to-earth fabric. You should also keep your makeup minimal to prevent the excessive sweating.  Then get a summer-friendly hairstyle (read : chic buns or messy updos) to aid your look.

And finally choose basic blouse style to compliment your saree. If all this have been achieved with perfection, then even on a scorching heat, you will remain extraordinarily cool.

Can’t trust us? Then check out how Kangana Ranaut makes a killing with a effortless cotton saree style when she dashes back and forth to airport.

How To Wear Cotton Sarees And Look Hot How To Wear Cotton Sarees And Look Hot How To Wear Cotton Sarees And Look Hot How To Wear Cotton Sarees And Look Hot How To Wear Cotton Sarees And Look Hot

While Ms. Ranaut wears this for travel, this style can be easily incorporated to your formal office wear day or on causal outing day by just skipping those chic coolers.

And finally don’t forget to grab your favorite tote to look dashing! Hope you have got major inspiration to wear cotton sarees like a pro.

If you have other interesting styling tips that should be considered when draping a cotton saree, do let us know in the comments box below.

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