Simple Blouse Ideas/Tips to Make Your Saree Super Pretty

We all know that a blouse is the most defining element of any Indian traditional attire. The beauty of your saree is determined by the type of blouse that you wear. However, as the times change, so does the design of saree blouses.

Irrespective of the pattern of the saree, they body type too is an important factor in choosing a blouse design. The blouse should complement both, the saree as well as your personality.

The first most step is to have accurate measurements. An ill-fitted blouse could definitely ruin the entire outfit.

Simple Blouse Ideas For Sarees

Once you have the measurements right, it is time to move on to selecting the fabric. Make sure that you choose the fabric according to the weather.

Simple Blouse Ideas For Sarees

Next, decide whether you want a heavy blouse or a light one. Generally, if the saree is plain then the blouse is heavy and vice-versa.

Simple Blouse Ideas For Sarees

The last step is to decide on a design. The entire look of your saree depends on the cuts and pattern of your blouse. You can go with collared or halter necks.

Simple Blouse Ideas For Sarees

You can have a backless design or an embroidered back. You can play around with the sleeves since they definitely light up your look. You can go for cute, simple, and plain blouses for a regular day.

Simple Blouse Ideas For Sarees

Having a ton of designs to select from could be quite confusing. Hence, it is always better to take along someone else for their opinion. Have a great time shopping for your perfect blouse!

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