Rock Plain Sarees with Border: 26 Magical Ideas to Try!

Plain sarees are little magic potion in the saree world. Yes, you heard me right. They are most versatile branch of sarees that can be bent and twist as per our style needs and make it shine through anywhere. You might be wondering, what so special in these simple sarees? Indeed, it is special. With an addition of a chic border and a sassy blouse to team it with, you can really look dashingly beautiful on them. While the blouse options for plain saree deserves a separate long post, We restrict our self to explain all the possible border option that you can try with your plain sarees now.

Plain Sarees With Borders

You might be planning to buy a new plain saree for an upcoming event, or you might be wondering how you can put your old plain saree for best use, whatever be the case, our ideas will completely transform your sarees and make it look magical for sure.  If you plan to buy new saree, you need to first understand the ocean of options in plain saree world so you can pick the most flattering border design for yourself. In case, if you want to give a new twist to your old plain saree, all you need is browse down and select the best option that suits your taste and do the necessary amendments to your saree. It is as simple as that. So, either case, you can easily make your plain saree look beautiful.

Now let’s get down to the plain saree border ideas that is going to completely increase the style quotient of your sarees.

1.      Plain Sarees with Zari Border

This is probably the most catching design you can try with plain sarees. Instead of buying a plain one, if you can opt for a plain saree with zari border, you can wear them for simple parties and events where you don’t want to look so dressed up. Especially cotton sarees with mild zari work around the borders will be totally catchy and attractive. Even professional women can wear this without looking gaudy!

Plain Sarees With Zari Border
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2.      Plain Sarees with Velvet Border

Do you have any dull shaded plain saree lying around the corner of your wardrobe? Then put them to best use by simply adding a contrasting colour velvet border. Velvet fabric tends to highlight your attire with its super attractive texture. Hence, stitching them around your plain saree is the best thing you can do to dust off your old sarees. There are plenty of readymade borders available in the stores to make this job easier.

Plain Sarees With Velvet Border

3.      Plain Sarees with Thread Work Border

A flattering thread work in the border can turn all eyes towards your plain sarees. Yes, they are incredibly beautiful when done right. Plain sarees with creative border work can even beat your expensive silk and designer sarees by gaining more attraction towards you. While wearing this saree, try to get heavy work embroidery blouse to match the work on your drape. It will be even more lovely to wear.

Plain Sarees With Thread Work Border
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4.      Plain Sarees with Stone Border

If you want to covert a simple plain saree to a designer saree, then you can easily achieve this by opting for a simple stone work in the border area. You can try even bold stones in vibrant colors and patterns for a much rich look.

Plain Sarees With Stone Work Border
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5.      Plain Sarees with Silver Border

Here is a wonderful plain saree idea for all teens, college goers and other young girls. We know how unbelievably afraid you are to pull off a heavy work saree. We have a best option for you. Simply go for a plain saree with silver sparkling border on it.  They are the light weight trendy saree that you have been seeking so far.

Plain Sarees With Silver Border

6.      Plain Sarees with Sequin Border

If you have a plain saree in rich shining fabric but void of anything else to compensate the beauty of the expensive cloth, then get a thick row of sequin work done on your border as below. It’s going to make other say WOW to you!

Plain Sarees With Sequin Border
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7.      Plain Sarees with Satin Border

Another easy way to make your plain sarees look interesting is to play with shinny satin cloth around the border. If you don’t mind a bit of color, then go for contrasting hues that can look catchy together.

Plain Sarees With Satin Border
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8.      Plain Sarees with Kalamkari Border

Kalamkari prints are making a huge impression on almost all women’s outfit. Our plain sarees can also be made to look classy with an addition of the evergreen kalamkari prints on the border and pallu.  Pair this with a trendy blouse and you will be the classic saree style creator in your circle.

Plain Sarees With Printed Border
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9.      Plain Sarees with Pearl Border

If you have plain silk or other sarees with expensive weaves, then opt for pearl work on the border. It will boost the richness and elevate your saree style further. Wear this saree with a simple gold blouse to reap more compliments.

Plain Sarees With Pearl Border
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10. Plain Sarees with Thin Gold Border

Plain sarees with exceptionally thin borders can also be very alluring and pleasing. Women who seek minimalism on their personal style, should give this saree a try.

Plain Sarees With thin and No Border
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11. Plain Sarees with Neon Border

If you want a plain saree to be trendy and on point, then look for sarees that has neon color borders for a change.  Women who don’t mind wearing tricky colors will love this style for sure. Others, who are on the safe color zone may not like this. But worry now, we have more options.

Plain Sarees With Neon Border
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12. Plain Sarees with Mirror Work Border

Mirror is a great embellishment on any ensemble. Our plain sarees too need a simple mirror work to look drop-dead gorgeous.  With a row of mirrors and a flattering blouse, your saree style is sure to catch others attention.

Plain Sarees With Mirror Border
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13. Plain Sarees with Light Border

Many make the mistake of restricting their plan sarees to zari and other fancy work. However, do keep in mind that even a completely light hued simple border can make your saree stand out. Can’t believe? check out the regal border that takes this plain saree to another level.

Plain Sarees With Light Border
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14. Plain Sarees with Lace Border

This one will be highly useful (also beautiful) , for those who desperately want to give a fancy makeover to their age old plain sarees. Just buy a ready-made lace border and get the stitching done on nearby shop. It will turn your plain saree majestic.

Plain Sarees With Lace Border
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15. Plain Sarees with Printed Borders

If you have printed long cloth (saree, duppatta…etc) available which you don’t want to let go due to its attractive prints, then do use that as a border for your plain sarees. It will do wonders to your attire. Believe us.

Plain Sarees With Kalamkari Border
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16. Plain Sarees with Heavy Work Border

Don’t want to invest heavily on a party wear saree? Then this little trick will help you get a rich looking saree without busting your wallet. Get a simple plain saree and buy a ready-made border with heavy work (stone, beads…etc). Get them stitched around your saree. The result is a most adorable looking plain saree with a steep price tag.

Plain Sarees With Heavy Work Border

17. Plain Sarees with Beads Border

Little beads can easily convert your saree to a fancier one. Buy long beads string, preferably with bold gold beads and embellish your sarees with them. The loveliest looking saree is ready to be flaunted by you.

Plain Sarees With Hand Work Beads Border
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18. Plain Sarees with Gold Border

This is the most desired border option by many. Girls love to wear plain sarees with a gold border. Because it is simple, elegant and stylish. So, if you are in a lookout to buy a plain saree without any fuss, then this is the option for you.

Plain Sarees With Gold Border
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19. Plain Sarees with Glitter Border

Late night parties and festivals needs a little glimmer to shine through in your outfit. If nothing catches your fancy, then try plain sarees with glitter border. For inspiration, check out the below picture. Oh boy, aren’t they look gorgeous? Wear them and watch what others say to you.

Plain Sarees With Glitter Border

20. Plain Sarees with Floral Border

Florals never cease to attract us. We have been wearing them in all forms on our attires, and our plain sarees are no exception. Get a floral ready-made printed borders or floral embroidery on your plain sarees and see the youthful look it inflicts on you.

Plain Sarees With Floral Border
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21. Plain Sarees with Embroidery Border

Bold embroidery is another way to convert your plain sarees to an alluring designer one. Try big embroidery patterns in attractive colors to a make your designs look unique and stand out.

Plain Sarees With Embroidery Border
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22. Plain Sarees with Designer Border

If you want to give a designer saree finish to your plain looking one, then buy borders with fancy work on it and it will take care of your saree look. Don’t trust us? Check out, how a simple orange saree is made to look so stylish with an addition of a super fancy border with a row of beads work.

Plain Sarees With Designer Border
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23. Plain Sarees with Contrast Border

Another edgy way to carry your plain sarees is to wear them with contrasting colours. Two completely different hue look astonishingly beautiful when worn right in your plain sarees. Below is the proof.

Plain Sarees With Contrast Border
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24. Plain Sarees with Check Border

This might sound a decade old fashion idea. But believe us, it hasn’t lost its charm. In fact, it will never. Have you seen your mom and grandma having a thing for check patterns? They go exceptionally well with plain sarees. Do try a plain saree with check border to test this out and realize for yourself.

Plain Sarees With Check Border

25. Plain Sarees with Black Border

If you dare not to invest on anything fancy, then here is the option for you. A simple black border can instantly boost saree of any color. With a designer blouse on your aid, this is such a winning combination to try.

Plain Sarees With Black Border

26. Plain Net Sarees with Border

The border ideas which we have been discussing so far is not just for plain georgette, chiffon…etc. Even if the saree in talk is net, you can make them even more glamorous by adding minute adornments on the border like below. See below for how border makes the difference.

Plain Net Saree With Border
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Well, our long list of plain sarees with borders is finally ending here. Your plain sarees need not be boring or simple to pull off. All you need is to a bit of creativity and small investment from your end. With that, you can style your plain sarees in amazing ways. Now, time to dust of your sleeping plain sarees and get ready to give a new makeover. Whereas, if you plan to buy a new one, check out our options carefully again and invest your bugs hard earned money on the best one.

If you have other border ideas to try with plain sarees, then without waiting, share your valuable comments on the box below. We will include them on this list.

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