Bored Of Churidhar Neck Designs? Check This Piping Works!

Little details matter. Especially when it comes to daily wear like Churidar and Salwar Kameez, to break the boredom, it is quite necessary to create new dimensions in your overall style by including changes in your neck shape, sleeve pattern, pants ..etc. If you wonder where to start, try age old piping techniques to your neck designs.

Churidhar Neck Designs With Piping

It might not sound much when you hear us tell this. However, if you take a look on some real churidar pieces where how those little details made a dramatic difference, you will surely take a chance to get them included in your next salwar suit.

Here below we have curated 13 stylish ways to design your churidar neck with piping. Take the inspiration from here and be sure to try them on your outfit.

Basic Neck Design with Piping

Sometimes simple neck design can made to look so on-point with the help of subtle piping work. Generally you can go for contrasting color (your dupatta color to speak) to get this piping work done. This in addition with chic tie-back of same cloth is going to make your neckline look uber cool.

If your churidhar is a party wear, then you can opt for zari cloth instead of your dupatta hue.

Churidhar Neck Designs With Piping

Piping Work with Close Neck

If you are following fashion bloggers and bollywood style icons, close necks are increasingly popular this season. This can be perfectly incorporated on your salwars. Of course, plain round neck that hugs your neck might be good, however, it can be totally elevated by having a piping work on contrasting hues like below.

Churidhar Neck Designs With Piping

Printed Piping Work

If your salwar has too many prints or details over your tops, then piping work in plain fabric is enough. However, if you salwar is plain and have printed bottom, then your tops can be spiced-up by adding the piping work as below.

Churidhar Neck Designs With Piping

Front Tie-Ups

Thread tie ups are not just to glam up your back of churidhar. It can be done along with your front neck with a bit of piping work as well. If you need inspiration, check out the neck pattern below.

If you like to keep this tie-up and piping work more attractive, go for tassels and other cloth balls on the thread to garner attention.

Churidhar Neck Designs With Piping

Extended Piping Work on Neck

Piping should not be restricted to round up your neck alone; it can be extended towards your bodice to create more unique patterns. If you need inspiration, check out the below neck design. Use contrasting colors to make the piping work visible on your churidhar tops.

Churidhar Neck Designs With Piping

High Neck & Piping

Next to round close neck, the cheesy high neck remains the most fashionable neck design. It has been trending everywhere from saree blouse to lehenga tops.

Thus it is high time to try this out on your churidhars as well with chic piping work as below. Mix and matching completely contrasting prints on neck, sleeves and for other embellishment on bodice will make your tops stand out!

Churidhar Neck Designs With Piping

Simple Piping Work

For daily wear casual salwars, all you need is subtle highlight of neck. This can be done with a plain piping work around neck and sleeves.  Even if your salwar is void of any interesting patterns or adornments, this mild neck elevation is going to make your outfit look more attractive.

Churidhar Neck Designs With Piping

Piping & Buttoning

If you are bored of simple piping work and would love to try something creative in this area, then do consider piping work with buttons to lock it. If you need inspiration to try out this, check out the picture below.

Churidhar Neck Designs With Piping

Bold Highlights

We have seen how simple piping work around your neck can dramatically improvise your salwar style. For some fabric and colors, this is not enough. Especially, when the salwar is in talk, is on deep hue, then you need bold highlights to make the piping work striking.

In this case, you need 1-2 inch thick piping work with some zari details as below. This is such an attractive neck style to dry when you salwar is on duller shades.

Churidhar Neck Designs With Piping

Piping & Cloth Buttons

Just like how piping work and thread tie ups together make an interesting duo, cloth buttons also make a best combination with simple piping work.

This type of work can be done either on the front right under the neck or even towards the shoulder end close to arms.

Churidhar Neck Designs With Piping

Creative Fabrics

While most the time, piping work is done on the cloth fetched from your salwar bottom or dupatta, you can give a break to this default way. Instead of the regular ways, try something entirely different like kalamkari or ikat prints for your piping work. This goes well with cotton salwars and kurthas.

Next time when you get your kalamkari saree blouse stitched, don’t forget to collect the remaining cloth. It can be reused on your salwars for unique piping work.

Churidhar Neck Designs With Piping

Highlight With Bold Hue

If you like to know a very effortless way to keep the attention on your face and neck, get a piping work on bold daring hue like the one below. Make sure it goes well with the basic color palette of your dress; otherwise it will look very bold.

Churidhar Neck Designs With Piping

Side Tip-ups

We watched how thread tie-ups on front and back neck along with piping work can make your churidhar neck look regal, here is another way to get this done on your dress.

Churidhar Neck Designs With Piping

These are some innovative ways to break the boredom on your salwar neck line. Choosing a stand out neck design alone is not sufficient to make your neck beautiful, try simple piping work to creative detailing; you will be amazed on how great this can make your salwar look!