7 Lipstick Shades for Wheatish Indian Skin Beauties!

We all need a flattering lipstick. Period.

We know the pain of shelling out hard earned money only to find the wrong shade after reaching home.  More pain, if it just washes you out without a hint of anything close to beautiful.  A lipstick shade matters a lot in your overall styling.  Since most of the Indian divas going to fall directly on the duskier/medium skin tone range, today we hunted down every corner of the internet to find out the best possible lipstick color for the Indian women of wheatish complexion.  End result, we narrowed down to six dusky Indian actress all the way from north to south, just to demonstrate you how effortlessly chic one can get by getting the lipstick shade right!

Lipstick shades of Indian medium skin tone

This celebrity approved lipstick shades are sure going to steer clear of all lipstick woes for brown skin ladies. Without wasting another minute, scroll down to find out what lipstick colors can really be flattering on a dusky Indian skin.

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As your skin tread towards darker tone, it is essential that you wear shades that don’t contradict your base skin color. While the vibrant colors look so tempting to look on a lipstick, it may not do any good to your face rather than attenuating your face flaws. Hence, if you are a beginner, and don’t know what shade to buy first, then do pick a brown hue. Brown lipsticks with pink undertones will give you a flattering look. Don’t do the mistake of wearing deep matt browns as it would make you look aged.

Lipstick shades of Indian medium skin tone Lipstick shades of Indian medium skin tone


Nude shades are great picks for everyday look. Hitch though, you need to be careful on nudes because it can easily give you a washed out look. With cakey foundation and wrong nude, you will hit a big makeup disaster. So choose one that compliments your base skin color. Rather than pale nude pinks, opt for nude browns which will flatter medium skin tone girls.

Lipstick shades of Indian medium skin tone Lipstick shades of Indian medium skin tone


Plum hue can really get you a chic look! It’s one appealing color that can totally enhance dusky skin beauties. However, if you don’t like the loud tone of this shade, then you can use tissue paper to remove the excess colors and let the mild tint of plum electrify you. Another trick is to use a plum lip-gloss instead of lipstick to play this bold color with subtlety.

Lipstick shades of Indian medium skin tone


We admit, peach is a bit tricky to stand good on a medium skin tone. Nevertheless, a fresh makeup on a day time calls for peach to look refreshing. Besides, all the colorful Indian ethnic outfits need a peppy lip shade to balance the look. Yes, you should try peach shades at least when you want to look all colorful and dashing! If you are afraid to try this, try peach in deeper shade rather than pale versions.

Lipstick shades of Indian dusky skin tone


It might raise your eyebrow. But we assure you, you can pull it off. All you need to do is pick right shade of orange. Also, wear this shade when you have full makeup on. When you are decked up for a party or event with flawless foundation and other essential makeup stuffs, your orange lips will compliment your outfit. Don’t wear this shade if you have no time to hide your face flaws through right foundation or concealer.

Lipstick shades of Indian dusky skin tone Lipstick shades of Indian medium skin tone


There is a red for everyone. It is one universally flattering color that can make any women look totally sassy. This classic color is a must-have in vanity box. And you dusky girl, you are not an exception. Our only advice though, please don’t fell for anything that looks red. Pick deeper reds as it bound to compliment your look. Always try the shade on your lips before you shell out money to shop one.

Lipstick shades of Indian dusky skin tone


Pink is every girl’s fancy. Isn’t it?  It is known shade for girlishness. While there are many tones of pink that might be a charm on lighter skin tones, you need to be careful with it. Pink has the tendency to look drop dead gorgeous on fair skin while the same can look blunt on wheatish skin. Opt for darker pinks and use it as a tint to adorn your lips. If needed, apply lip-gloss for a sheen look.

Lipstick shades of Indian dusky skin tone


As dusky skin divas, you are blessed to rock any darker shades without a fuss. Burgundy is surely your cup of tea.  Wear this with a dark eyes and polished hairdo, you are sure to be a showstopper in the crowd.

Lipstick shades of Indian medium skin tone

As you see, there are plenty of shades available for medium/dusky skin tone women. Begin with basic colors like brown and plum to experiment, and then slowly move to tricky shades like peach and red. Invest in an inexpensive drug store brand to find the lipstick shade that excites your face. Once you find the shade then invest your money on high-end brands. If you have more color suggestions, drop a note on the comment section below and share your ideas!

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