How To Spot a Fake Lipstick And Avoid Buying One!

Have you ever faced the empty feeling you get once your heavily invested makeup product, especially lipstick, is quite a dud and sadly it brings no joy as you wanted it to be? To shock you more, you start to doubt, whether is this a real product or fake one, and regret for not being careful in the first place.  It might be very hard to pass the cheated up feeling after you have dreamt so much on a lipstick and expecting it to do wonders to your face. We understand your pains. Completely.

Makeup shopping mistakes are quite hard to get over. Because once it is done, it is irrevocable. Either you need to throw it away or lay it to rest without finding any actual purpose for it. This gets even crazy if you shell out so much of money on it. One grey area, that many beauty enthusiastic get trapped is trusting a seller/shop and buying a branded lipstick only to get disappointed that it is totally fake!

How to Find Fake Lipstick and avoid buying one

So, how would you find a fake lipstick and stop yourself from buying it again? Here are few of tips that can help you from getting caught by this insane mistake. Read ahead…

  • First, the thought that this lip product could be fake is a foremost sign that the lipstick is actually fake. Yes, mostly your gut instinct is always right. However there are few more steps you can follow to actually figure out the truth.
  • If you have the outer package, take it and have a good look. Go online and check it with a picture of original package. There are plenty of online makeup review sites that post the picture of the package. See if you can spot any differences. Fonts, colors, design, thickness of the package..any hint? All these are areas where a fake company could never match with the original brand.
  • See, if you have ingredient list in the package. If there are no details, chances are you have ended up in a fake product.
how to find fake lipstick
Photo : Maybelline
  • Can you spot any quality issues with your product? For instance, high end brands like MAC or Chanel would never go for a cheap lipstick base or cap. Got the point? Any compromise on the quality of the product, especially if it is sold to you under the name of big brand is mostly a fake one.
  • Did you shop the product with a difference in price? Sometimes, the products that comes in offer are so tempting to miss out. But you need to be careful that the brand is really offering a sale, or is it a way for a unknown seller to con you.
  • And finally, always make sure from whom you buy the product from. It is always safe to shop from the authorized sellers and retailers instead of shelling your hard earned money on untrusted online sellers. If at all, you don’t have a choice but to buy online, then do read the sellers feedback and check for authenticity before you add your favorite lipstick to shopping cart!

We hope that these tips can help you to find a fake lipstick and avert similar shopping disaster in the future. Seeing our money getting wasted on a makeup product is quite difficult to tolerate. So be wise! Have you ever wasted your money on a fake product ? How do you figured it out and handled the issue? Drop your comments so we can hear.

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