She Wore the Most Underutilized Accessory And Looked Regal!

Draping your dream dress is not enough. You, also need to address other areas to complete your style with the impact.  Besides flattering makeup and trendy hairstyle, your accessories should also do its part to make you look good.  Sadly, many restrict their accessories to earrings and necklace. Some skip even these girlish essentials and fetch complimenting shoes and bags. Of course, there is nothing wrong in going back to style elements, that you are always comfortable with. However, time to time, a little experimentation won’t hurt, as it is going to make a huge difference to your dressing style.

The reason why we suddenly go about talking unexplored accessories, is the impact of Lakshmi Manchu’s latest appearance with a statement accessory.

Scroll down and see her pictures for yourself, to find out the special accessory that made us all rave about it.

Ear Cuff Indian Accessory
Picture : Instagram
Ear Cuff Indian Accessory
Picture : Instagram

Did you spot it? Yes, it is the statement ear cuff that does every bit of justice to her all-black outfit.  High neck dresses are often teamed up with long costume necklace. But, this is a new thing we have spotted off late, and truth to be told, we are completely smitten by it. To inquire about the ear cuff, contact the designer below.

Label : Harini Fine Jewellery
Instagram :
Contact : 040-66398666

Ear cuffs still remain the unexplored territory in the fashion world. We don’t often get to see it making a statement. Do you like to pair your outfit with such bold ear cuffs? What are your thoughts? Share it on the comment box below.

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