These 7 Blouse Designs Will Glam-up Your Red Saree Style

Red lipstick, red Nail Paint, red Outfit…Do you have any idea why women fell for this color? Because it is one of the most classiest hues to pull off.

A crimson red saree is no exception.  A deep red is symbolized to be a royal and must-have color to flaunt, especially those who aspire to develop a personal dressing style.

A bridal occasion is incomplete without showing off your dressing skills in a flattering red saree.  Though how much ever red is being coveted, it is still a tricky shade to handle. Any mistake, you will be left to look ghastly even on your expensive red drape.

Red Saree Blouse Design Ideas

That’s why it is essential that you gather ideas on how to make red saree look good on you, before you attempt to wear it. Today’s post is to give you tips on all possible blouse designs that gel well with a red saree, and make it impossible to go wrong.

Before that, the first tip to get your red saree right is to choose the right red shade. There is always a shade in red that will suit you. When you get this right, rest of the styling is quite easy to align with your saree.

Now scroll ahead and read our picks of 7 blouse designs to glam up your red saree.

Red Saree with Printed Blouse

If you don’t want your red to appear harsh and raw, then play it with a printed blouse. Checks, stripes, bold motifs suit plain red saree a lot.

Show variation in your sleeves and necks to look more stylish. Wear this saree with silver antique jewellery to further tone down the look.

Red Saree Blouse Design Ideas

Pair With Orange for a Festive Vibe

Many might wonder what orange has to do with a red saree. But you have got to trust us and invest in one if you like to give a festive wear vibes to a red saree.

Yes, designer red sarees with orange silk blouse is such a spectacle to drape. This combination flares well, than pairing your red with matching red blouse.

Go wild and get your blouse back deep with catchy embellishment that makes your saree look even more attractive.

Red Saree Blouse Design Ideas

The Mix of Royal Red and Blue

There is something in the blend of royal red and blue. You really need nothing in a saree when these enchanting colors embrace each other to tell a style tale.

This is another festive-apt blouse color to flaunt with red saree. So make sure you get the blouse done on elite fabric like silk.  Pair this beauty with bold gold jewellery and big bindi to look sassy.

Red Saree Blouse Design Ideas

Red Saree with Gold Blouse

We all know how versatile a gold blouse is. Women, who love sarees, know what a boon to have one designer gold blouse on their wardrobe.  It can be literally paired with any saree on the go. Saves time and money.

If you really don’t want to invest on a new blouse just for a single saree, then see if you have gold blouse and grab it. Even if you don’t have one, please get one now. Since, it is going to save you a lot in the future.

Red Saree Blouse Design Ideas

Red on Red

Wearing red blouse for a red saree is quite a feat. It can easily wash you out if you don’t pick right choice of red.

Still this tricky style can be made to look flattering by opting for chic blouse necks and embellishment to highlight specific sections of your blouse, so it can compliment your over all saree.

Red Saree Blouse Design Ideas

Red Saree with Black Blouse

Embellished black blouse is another interesting, and also fail proof color, to tackle your red saree.  It can make any vibrant red so mellowed and down-to earth.

This blouse can be worn with red saree made of any fabric. Wear this with bold statement earrings and bangle to look all the more dashing.

Red Saree Blouse Design Ideas

Red with Deep Green

This blouse idea is our personal favorite. May be we are very partial. But, this color duo is so hard to resist. Especially, when you like to be photographed well, trust us and try this.

It is a regal combination and would suit women of any skin tone. When you opt for this blouse style, go for dark smoky eyes and keep your lips to nude shade. It will make you look so beautiful.

Red Saree Blouse Design Ideas

These are our picks of seven blouse design ideas to perk up your red saree style. Choose the one that suits you from the list.

Also, as already mentioned don’t forget the golden rule that, pick the shade of red that look good on you. Then any blouse from our choice above is bound to elevate your already beautiful red saree.

Do you have red saree? What is your ideal blouse design to wear with it? Let us know, by dropping a comment below.

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