Is Corn Flakes Good for Weight Loss? – Here is the Answer!

Who wouldn’t want to lose those extra pounds that’s hanging around the belly, or cut the lumpy flab around the arms. Pretty much everyone. Especially the beauty conscious ladies. Tons of weight loss tips and hacks have been given in every possible nook and corner of the web world.  And all of them points to one mantra – Eat Less, Eat Healthy Food. That means compromising the taste buds and control appetite. That’s when options like a bowl of corn flakes are quite appealing, especially when it claims to drop the weight without much nudge from the self.  Above all, this alluring breakfast can be made in matter of minutes. All these makes a bowl of corn flakes a winning stuff to begin a busy day. Isn’t it?

Is Corn Flakes Good For Weight Loss
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However, does it really helps in reducing your weight? Did those extra pounds shed after having treated yourself daily with a yummy bowl of corn flakes ,dipped in honey or sugar filled milk? Chances are very less.

To understand why you don’t lose weight in spite of  Deepika Padukone vouching for the fact that, Corn flakes are the hidden reason behind her thin hips, you need to understand few things about this simple corn cereal.

What is Corn Flakes?

Corn flakes are nothing but a packaged cereal product made of toasted corns.  It is one of the most popular breakfast cereal, presently claiming its popularity in India too.

What are the Ingredients Present in Packed Corn Flakes Box?

Corn, Corn syrup, Sugar, Salt, Artificial Vitamins & Minerals.

How Corn Flakes Can Reduce Weight?

Like any other cereal breakfast, corn flakes are less in calories.  A cup of corn flakes has only about 100 calories, 24 grams of carb, 1 gram of fibre and only 2 grams of proteins.  They have very low sugar (with only 3 grams per serving).  For weight loss, you need to have calorie deficit. So, consuming a bowl of cornflakes with skimmed milk will save you plenty of calorie for a meal thereby help you to reduce your weight.

Then Why Corn Flakes is Not Good for Weight Loss?

is corn flakes food for weight loss
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Because, the weight loss happens only when you consume the prescribed quantity of corn flakes with non-fat milk and no other extra sugar. You need to be mindful on the quantity of both cornflakes and milk for you to achieve weight loss. But many like to eat a bowl of cornflakes with additional sugar or honey, and more toppings to boost the taste and to give the full feeling. This most obviously increase the sugar intake, which is the prime reason for not shedding enough weight.

Besides, corn flakes lack enough fibre and protein to keep you full after the meal. Thus, it is very natural to feel hungry after your bowl of cereal and you tend to reach for snacks sooner. This increased snack intake will only pile up more weight. You need to be extremely watchful on what you eat after your cornflakes meal, if you aim to drop your weight.

Cornflakes are not entirely balanced diet too. The vitamins and minerals mentioned in the ingredients list is not necessarily found in the grain, but could be an artificially induced one. For you to have a healthy body, you need to eat breakfast that are rich in whole grains, proteins and healthy fat. And not the processed food.

Another disturbing fact about this tempting diet is that, corn syrup, one of the key ingredients of corn flakes, contains high glycemic index carbohydrate which will increase the level of sugar rapidly in the blood stream. This makes an unsuitable breakfast for those who have diabetics.

Replacement for Cornflakes?

Of course, you have plenty of alternate healthier options to keep your weight under check. Wheat flakes or oat flakes are healthier option compared to corn flakes. Add a bowl of berries, apples or bananas along with few nuts to increase the dose of vitamins, proteins and fibre.  Also, don’t forget our traditional idlis and dosas which are lot healthier compared to store bought packed foods!

Do you prefer Corn flakes for your diet? If so why ? Also, let us know your other healthy food suggestions for our readers to try and stay fit!