6 Tips to Look Stylish in Formal Office Wear Sarees

Let’s accept the fact styling saree to your work place is different. In fact, it is a lot different that you can possibly imagine.  While the 9 yards of clothing is such a fun to play in a wedding or a family event, as a formal wear, it needs new dimension to carry off. The saree you wear at your professional place should look effortlessly stylish, highly comfortable and speak your attitude. If you can bring on all these in a layer of long cloth, then you can be that fashion forward boss others try to impress all time.

formal saree style tips for office

You don’t have to fret on how about achieving that style icon image at your office. We dug deeper in the internet and found an online store (LK Fashion Market) whose sarees collection imparted us best of tips that are sure to bring that professional look in any saree. All you have do now is, make a note and just experiment to make your saree look tad formal. Believe us, the tips are so simple and straight forward, and mostly you will be regretting for not following them earlier. Anyway time to scroll down and see the simple tips.

Get the Color Right

To look professional, avoid choosing colors that are loud to wear. In office ambiance you need to dress up in such a way that your attire is both subtle and stylish. Bold prints in vibrant colors and eye smacking patterns are a big put off. It’s going to scare the people off, so don’t ever do this fashion mishap at your workplace. Choose mellowed pastel hues or earthy tones to instigate the finesse in your sarees.

Formal Office Wear Saree Style

Blouse Matters

Your blouse, by all means, should complement your saree in all façade. It should be something which you can wear comfortably all day and ideally take your saree to next level. Try to pair your sarees in same color blouse instead of opting for contrasting hues in order to not garner unwanted attention to your outfit. In case, if you like to choose alternate tones for your blouse, be wise with your colors.

Boat necks, collar necks, long sleeves, edgy back designs are some fine ways to make your blouse stand out yet not overloading your saree look. Do try them to infuse professionalism in your outfit.

Formal Office Wear Saree Style

Right Accessories

Your saree needs accessories for a bit of glam. Nevertheless, don’t overdo it.  Don’t deck up layers of stuff.  A catchy necklace or a statement bangle or a simple earring is enough to do the magic. Instead of glittery stuffs opt for oxidized silver jewelry or delicate fashion pieces to give the needed boost to your sarees. Wooden jewelry and the must fancied terracotta accessories would also flair good with formal looking sarees. Also, don’t try to wear all at once. If you wear a bold necklace, go easy with your bangles.

Formal Office Wear Saree Style

Simple Hairstyles

A finely hairdo with saree is a call for professionalism. Workplace is not for messy hair. Keep your hair clean and your style neat, and you are bound to look edgy.  Fine ponytails, sleek hair buns, well braided hair or a simple blow-dried hair are few styles you can try without the fear of overdoing your hair. They all look so incredibly chic with your sarees.

Formal Office Wear Saree Style

Keep Your Makeup Neutral

Office is not a place to flaunt your red lipstick or shimmery highlighter. It’s a place where you should not be an attention seeker. Your style should ooze out effortlessly. Always opt for a no-fuss neutral makeup without any drama.  A kohl and mild lip color is enough for most of the days.

Formal Office Wear Saree Style

Wear Watch

It might surprise many. However it can’t alternate the fact that if there is one thing that can seamlessly inject professionalism to a saree, then it’s a watch. Pair your sarees with an edgy watch and see the magic unfolds. Watch have that inbuilt trait to make you look downright formal.

Formal Office Wear Saree Style

With the above tips, you are sure going to make a statement with your office wear sarees. Many underestimate the professionalism a saree bring to a work place. Don’t think that sarees are just for a yearly festival and traditional events.  In fact it’s a lot more appealing outfit that the much hyped blazers and suits.  Pick a right saree. Style it. Go on about flaunting.

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