6 Bangle Designs You Should Own If You Love Sarees

Imagine wearing your saree in the most perfect way possible with impeccable pleats and flattering blouse. Does the game over?

No.  Styling your saree doesn’t end till you round off your look with right accessories. Especially when you want to shine best on your traditional look, you need at least catching earrings and fine bangles to nail your style.

Bangle Designs For Sarees

Today post is all about trending bangle designs that you should keep an eye, if sarees are so close to your heart.

Believe us, empty hands are the last thing you want to spot with sarees. So when you are into this classic ethnic ensemble, make sure you wear a bewitching bangle that sums up to your overall look.

bangle designs for sarees
Photo : Karpagam Jewellers

Okay, let’s see some hot bangle models of this season and what a treasure to own them on your jewellery box.

Pearl Bangles

This is one of the classic bangle styles that go well with any saree in any color. Pearls has that versatility.

bangle designs for sarees
Photo : Aatman

Antique Bangles

These age old bangle models are being revived in fashionable ways to meet the modern women. In short this is a gold period for antique jewellery. From silk to cotton drapes, you can wear this bangle to add that right amount of traditional touch.

bangles for sarees
Photo : R.R Jewellers

Kundan Bangles

Do you love to wear designer sarees? Then you are in dire need of kundan bangles. They add a modern touch to your look. That’s why a pair of bold kundan bangle can even go well with fusion saree style.

bangle designs for sarees

Plain White Stone Bangle

Some bangles will go effortlessly with any saree. A plain white stone bangle tops this list.  Can’t believe? Wear a handloom saree with this and see how magical it looks.

bangle designs for sarees
Photo : Parnicaa

Ruby Bangles

If you love silk sarees, then this is a must-have.  Especially a pair of kemp ruby bangles is a treasure to own if you have serious silk saree addiction like us. It just takes your saree to new level.

bangle designs for sarees
Photo : The Big Shop

Kada Bangles

If your saree outfit is so simple and blunt, then a bold statement kada style bangle is all you need to boost your look. This will come as handy when you don’t want to drape anything heavy but still want to make an impression.

bangle designs for sarees
Photo : Manubahi Jewellers

These are our picks of 6 bangle designs that you should consider to wear along with sarees.

If money is not an issue, you can shop them in precious metals like gold and diamond. Alternatively there are lots of budget options available too. You can try gold plated and one gram gold bangles to experiment all these bangle designs.

Do you have any other specific design in mind? Drop your comment and let us know.

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