Aesthetic Color Trends To Experiment on Silk Sarees

Suppose you head over to someone’s wedding and spot silk sarees in pleasing colors. You start to wonder from where these ladies get such magnificent selections.

Don’t worry; to assist you with the trendy and different color choices, we have put together the aesthetic color choices that are being fancied by girls right now.

Black, Yellow and Maroon

It’s unfortunate that the sassy black is a lot of time left out from the silk saree radar due to the lucky color and all. But truly this color is so tough to overlook. Anyway, if you don’t believe in such reasoning, you pick a black silk saree with a yellow or maroon blouse.

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Photo : Instagram / @colorosoweaves
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If you are carefully treading on bright red, green and blue colors, alternate pastel hues and other not-so-popular colors like peach can add immense grace to the wearer. Especially these days office going women prefer buying pastel shades silk sarees so that they can wear them on special occasions at the office too.

silk-saree-color-trend-2019 (7)
Photo : Instagram / @colorosoweaves

Powder Blue and Beige

Try out a powder blue silk saree with a beige blouse? It might not look so electrifying when you spot them first, but if you wear them correctly, it is a killer combination that you will wear again and again.

silk-saree-color-trend-2019 (6)
Photo : Instagram / @colorosoweaves

Yellow with Pink/ Maroon /Yellow

Although yellow is a go-to color for many ladies, you wouldn’t have an idea on what a festive pink or maroon blouse can do to your yellow silk saree.

silk-saree-color-trend-2019 (5)
Photo : Instagram / @colorosoweaves

Check out the brand Colorosoweaves to get creative ideas and shop the aesthetic colors to experiment with this season.

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