Check Out 12 Gorgeous Saree Colors You Can Wear For Weddings

Apart from its culture, traditions and diversity, India is also known for its sarees. Saree is one of the oldest, traditional and unstitched garments being passed on from generations to generations.

Saree colors for weddings

With time the garment has been evolving and changing drastically, may it be the design, the purpose of wearing, the styles or the color. Sarees have always been enhancing women’s beauty may it be traditional or western. Women love to get draped in saree and flaunt their attire.

And when it comes to occasions like weddings, all women right from the bride to the guests make sure they look their best with the perfect touch of their favorite saree.  Here are some ravishing saree colors you can opt to wear for the wedding seasons!

Silky Blue Saree With Lavender Border

This combination of sky blue and subtle lavender is a gorgeous one. The warmer toned light purple color blends correctly with the darker toned light blue. This color combination is a mixture of royalty and vigor, making you look elegant and gorgeous.

Saree colors for weddings

As the lavender also has a sacred place in nature, it is considered to be precious and delicate looking color. This combination with gold work on it gives a beautiful look suitable for all grand occasions.

The Joy Of Yellow And Purple Combination

Here is a saree of light and bright yellow color with a vibrant purple border. This combination works out to be a vibrant and cheerful one. This collaboration will surely make you feel joyous, happy and intellectual from inside and at the same time with its warmness, it will make you look cheerful and lively.

Saree colors for weddings

This combo gives you a vibrant and lively look and can be geared up for all the traditional and party occasions.

The Vibrant Combination

This combination of light pink and light yellow is an absolute treat to wear. Both the colors are delicate and very elegant. Women would love to flaunt their attires with these colors.

Saree colors for weddings

These colors make you look simple yet classy; this tint has got a charming look to it. The heavy golden jewelries with minimal makeup would make your look complete.

Bold Bronze Coloured Saree

Here is a delightful combination, a beautiful piece of lined maroon saree with dazzling bronze border. The warm color combination is sure to make you feel bold and ramp up your attire with confidence and style. The combination is sure to make you look attractive and stand out of the wedding crowd.

Saree colors for weddings

Pretty Pink

For all the women out there loving pink, don’t you think pink is at its best here? Here is a beautiful pink saree with light golden work on its border. You would have an absolute feminine and an adorable look with this pink saree. The single colored pink saree will be a highlighter in the wedding or any similar occasion making you stand out!

Saree colors for weddings

The Glamorous Blend

This saree has a contemporary look with its unique color combination. A blue colored saree with pink on its edge and a beautiful border of red and dark golden. This is a perfect combo if you are looking for a saree with a modern touch, you keep up the tradition and also look the modest.

Saree colors for weddings

The color combinations are calm and lively, desiring and composed which make you look outstanding and gain you compliments for being fashion diva!

Blingy Blue

This combination of blue saree and golden worked border will make you look royal. The colors are deep and look expensive, you can opt this for a grandeur look.

Saree colors for weddings

May it be a traditional occasion or a wedding, you can think of draping this one up. Gold necklaces and bangles would add on to the beauty of these colors giving you a complete and stunning look.

Delighting Green

This is a green colored saree with heavy golden print on its border having a thin strip of red making it look queenly. This green colored saree will make you look fresh and energetic and traditionally the color is also associated with wealth.

Saree colors for weddings

This is a perfect traditional wear for a perfect wedding. So, drape up the saree and get your beauty enhanced.

Alluring Sky Blue

This color is sizzling and draping up a saree of this color will enhance your charm. Here is a plane crisp light blue saree gaining you all that attention you need; this saree is for sure to steal the show and make you look prepossessing.

Saree colors for weddings

The color is vibrant and looks rejoicing. The saree would look charismatic if paired up with a magenta colored blouse and silver ornaments.

Enchanting Ochre Yellow

Here is a saree with one of the most alluring colors. Rich ochre yellow colored saree with bold golden border giving you the required confidence and making you look absolutely exceptional. Gearing up this saree with light blue blouse and similar colored ornaments will ramp up the style quotient.

Saree colors for weddings

Matchless Look

This saree has a darker shade of orange with a similar colored glowing border making you enthusiastic. This warm color is attractive and fascinating and is sure to make your presence noticed.

Saree colors for weddings

The color is said to signify happiness, fascination, creativity and much more. Suiting up this saree with cream blouse and pearl ornaments will give you a composed and elegant look.

Glowing Gold

This is a charismatic choice for your ideal wedding occasion. Here is a delightful golden saree having lovely green border with completely striking looks. Pairing up this saree with a designer, worked on, green and gold combined blouse will make an awesome style statement.

Saree colors for weddings

Grab on this saree with silver or platinum ornaments to enhance the look and eye-catching glamour.

No matter what, sarees are always in trend. You create your own style mantra with the attire you make up. These were some magnificent saree colors which you could choose from for your perfect wedding occasion. Get going and grab on your favorite one on these shades and steal the show!

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