Tips to Brighten Up Your Gold Silk Saree Style

How many of you dare to pull off an all-gold-saree?

We mean the bright gold silk sarees with heavy zari detailing. To state the fact, it might daunt many. Wearing tip to toe zari ensemble might easily wash out the entire look, if you are not creative in your styling.

Also, it is quite difficult to look dressed down when you wear heavy gold sarees. They are meant to look loud, bold and overly dramatic. However, that’s not the case all the time.

In fact, you can be ultra stylish and chic, and look totally understated in your gold silk saree, if you care to follow few essential tips.

First and foremost, the color gold, offers plenty of scope in terms of styling experimentation. We mean you can literally add any hue to your gold saree style and they are going to look inevitably elegant.  Gold has that innate thing to highlight contrasting shades in attractive ways. Put that to wise use.

Next is the accessories section, which many fail to conquer while draping a zari saree. Don’t go with stone or other glittery jewellery that you can’t differentiate from your outfit.

Opt for jewellery in colorful stones that makes a beautiful clash with your gold saree. If you get these two right, carrying off your gold silk saree is a quite a dream.

For real inspiration, check out how Dia Mirza wore this on the ramp of recently held Lakme Fashion Week 2018.

How To Wear Gold Silk Saree How To Wear Gold Silk Saree How To Wear Gold Silk Saree

Is she not killing the look with the pop of bright red? Now tell us your choice of color to wear with gold by dropping your comment below.

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