10 Fashionable Salwar Suits You Can Make from Sarees

With the contemporary styling kicking in with all aspects of clothing, it’s difficult to maintain a complete traditional wardrobe or even more so when you wear them once in a year on a special occasion. Besides that, our mothers and grand mothers have a ton of sarees that they’d like to hand down to us because of it’s traditional values or the design/technique of the saree. There are n number of reasons.

salwar suits from sarees

If you’re looking to maintain a traditional approach to the old sarees instead of changing it into a contemporary style, pick up a salwar suit design or pairing that you can easily create and keep your grandmothers happy! Here are a few options that you can try out:

Raw Silk Suits

If you’ve gotten your hands on a raw silk saree, it’s required to show off the graceful look while keeping the fabric alive. Design a simple suit that can be combined with structured silhouettes like pleats. Use the heavy pallu of the saree and turn it into a dupatta that can match the look of your creation and you’re good to flaunt your style!

salwar suits from sarees

Anarkali Suit

An Anarkali kurta is sure to flaunt the texture and motifs of the saree in hand. Create a patchwork for the upper half and let the fall of the kurta do all the talking. Add on the embroidered parts to the sleeves or the hemline of the kurti that will also keep the look of the saree intact.

salwar suits from sarees
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Patiala Salwar suit

If you want the suit to display the look of the entire saree, create a Patiala combination that adds the flow to the garments without glamorizing it much! Use the pallu to create the front of the kurti and the rest of the saree to add texture and motifs into your salwar as well as the back of the kurta. Creating a different and sophisticated look, these suits shall work perfectly for any occasional wear that you’ve been searching for!

salwar suits from sarees

Dupatta Salwar Combo

Some of the sarees in the closet are sure to tear away or have flimsy fabric. For those sarees instead of creating a complete salwar suit, create a patchwork of salwar and use the heavy embroidered section as additions to your plain kurta or the dupatta and create a mix and match combination that can easily go with all your attires!

salwar suits from sarees

Wrap Around Kurta Suit

Creating a chic and trendy look is the wrap around kurta that can be made from the georgette or other flowy fabrics in your mom’s or grandmom’s closet. Add your own flair to this simple yet elegant saree and construct a combination that is sure to turn heads your way! You can choose between simple embroidery for an easy change or you can pick out an embroidered one that can create a patched look to your suit.

salwar suits from sarees

Floral Plain Combo

Creating an everyday look, use the various floral sarees that are always in trend and create a kurta that is comfortable to wear and breezy for the summer season. Preferably made from cotton sarees, you can also pick silk ones for this design. If the saree consists of a simple pallu, no worries! Use it to make a dupatta that can be worn with your other suits or even as a stole if in a thinner fabric.

salwar suits from sarees

Contrasting Sarees Combo

Interested in creating a different combination? This option is meant for you. Pick out 2 different sarees, with colours that will compliment each other. Keep in mind the motifs cannot be similar for both, but requires one that is intricate and another that is easy on the eyes. Fashion a combination of colours that is not only perfect for occasional wear but also for family get-togethers!

salwar suits from sarees


A monochrome combination that can never go out of style, pick up the saree and create a set that is exactly the same texture and print from top to bottom. Use this style to flaunt your unparalleled sense of styling and accessorizing that is sure to make you the star of the day/evening!

salwar suits from sarees

Straight Pants and Flared Kurti Combo

For a summer look that you’ve been hunting for, it’s time to take out the cotton sarees from the closets and utilize them to create a comfortable suit! Majorly used with the longer sarees, you can make a set of straight pants and flared kurtas that is sure to keep the cool and calm in. A stylishness of your own, you can use these as your daily wear or even a semi-formal look for your college!

salwar suits from sarees

Silk Suits

With an elegance of its own, the silk sarees in the wardrobe are not to be forgotten! Create a long silk slit kurti for those wedding occasions or festivals that you’ve been wanting something unique for. Pair them up with churidar pants that are sure to add grace to your attire, accessorize with earrings and heels that will make your heavy kurti the center of attraction.

salwar suits from sarees

With the numerous designs and styles available in the market, it’s bound to get repetitive in our country’s population. Creating your own style and design, this process will create a unique look that doesn’t succumb to the designs in the market! It’s time to make recycling a process and put our hoarding to good use!

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