10 Pretty Dresses You Can Make From Old Sarees

Living in a world where everything is use and throw, and fast fashion is the way to go, there’s a charm that is found in the closets of our grandmothers and mothers. A saree collection that tells a story of their lives, occasions they bought it especially for, traditional weaves, colours, there’s a load of memories that we can’t even begin to comprehend.

Though sarees might have lost their charm or have been hidden in their wardrobes too long, it’s time to move away from fast fashion and take a step towards recycling these stories!

Dresses Made From Sarees

With 10 ideas of what you can create, here is what you can do with a sprinkle of your style with those sarees!


Kurtas prove to be one of our go-to clothing options for most of the occasions. Find a plain saree to create a casual kurta or you can even pick out an embroidered or printed saree that you’ve been in love with for an occasional wear. Ranging from a short kurti to a floor length one, you can combine your style of plains and prints to make one.

Dresses Made From Sarees


A selection for the sequined sarees or a heavy one, create lehengas that are not only chic but also in trend! Mix and match colours of embroidery, go high waisted or let the pleats do the talking, it’s a style that will be all about the grace within the old textures.

Dresses Made From Sarees


If you’re looking for a simpler design that can go with everything and can be worn anywhere, create skirts out of the plain saree collection that has been hiding in your grandmother/mother’s closets! From a range of colours you’ll be able to pick out different designs and create skirts of all lengths and styles that you’ve been eyeing at the mall!

Dresses Made From Sarees


A style during the early 2000s, has come back into trend with a different charm. Creating a pattern out of the sequined sarees and embroidery patches that you’ve been trying to place with your other pairings, create a chic design that would be apt for any traditional festival or family occasion.

Dresses Made From Sarees


Let the traditional make way for contemporary while you choose to create dresses out of the old saree collection. Layer the fabric with lining and pleats that would accentuate the print of the saree while complementing your body shape. It’s important to choose carefully the type of silhouettes that would go with the texture of the saree, which could easily end in a blunder. So pair with care!

Dresses Made From Sarees


If you’ve been wondering what you could do with the heavy zardozi or brocade sarees that you just can’t take your eyes off of, creating jackets is the best option. As the fabric of saree would be on the heavier side, adding a lining and the flow of the jacket would complement each other with ease. Whether a long jacket or a crop one, think about all the fancy pairings you can make!

Dresses Made From Sarees


One of the other beloved designs that can be easily created is that of making a salwar. Whether a churidar, palazzo or a patiala, that depends on the flow of the saree fabric in question. A combination which needs to be paired with ease and multiple options, pick a universal print saree or a plain one to fashion these salwars.

Dresses Made From Sarees


There are always a few sarees which have become faded or gotten torn over the years, even though they’ve been hiding in a wardrobe. The solution to pick out the pallu or the embroidered part is to create dupattas that could easily put every dupatta or stole to shame. Creating a heavy look even in the simplest of salwar suits, this style would get the crowd talking about your fantastic selection!

Dresses Made From Sarees

Crop Tops

With numerous additions to our wardrobe clothing, there’s always a new trend that you can experiment with! Picking out the best embroidery works or even minimal prints, create crop tops that wouldn’t just prove useful for traditional use, but also be paired for an evening out. Creating an atmosphere of buzz, this style would be the new talk of the crowd!

Dresses Made From Sarees


Anarkalis have proved to become the traditional talk of the season with multiple patterns that continues to combine the motifs of the old with the silhouettes of the new. Joining patches of the oldest of the sarees, fashion your very own design that not only keeps the feel of the embroidery, but also combines it gracefully with the other elements of this style.

Dresses Made From Sarees

As fast fashion evolves, choose tot go back to those wardrobes and discover the style of the old and combine it with the new. It’s time to add trend to what has been forgotten and showcase your uniqueness through your creations!

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