This is How You Make Designer Saree From Old Saree

You all have at least few old sarees lying in the corner of your closet without losing its beauty but couldn’t find the light because for some reason you keep avoiding it. May be it’s the color, or fabric, or simply the design has made you to lose the interest to wear it.  But when you look at it, you regret for not using it up as you should be.

Worry not! Because today we are going to tell you how you can make a new designer saree from any old saree, and make it your favorite. Yes it is possible to convert any old or unused sarees to new trendy one, if you let your creativity do its work. To aid you in the process, we have found some wonderful tips. All you have do now is to scroll down and read our easy options to reuse your old sarees. You will be happy at the end that your sarees has finally found its new purpose.

Kalamkari Borders Are Fun!

Who wouldn’t love a kalamkari print? It has the quality to insert sophistication in your saree look.  If you find your old saree out of place with the current trend, then one quick tip is to get a kalamkari border and stitch it along with saree pallu. It will instantly give a new appeal to your old sarees.

how to make designer saree from old saree

Brocade Borders Can Boost Your Sarees

Wait! We hear you. What’s so new about brocade broders, you may ask. With a colourful brocade border, you can add an rich look to an otherwise boring saree. Even your plain georgette saree can look ravishing if you just get it stitched with brocade borders.

how to make designer saree from old saree

Fill the Saree with Embroidery

Do you stay away from a saree because it is so boring and plain? Then fill it with attractive embroidery work. Floral embroidery is currently so hot on the trend. If you want a grand look to your sarees, try zari embroidery. There are many shops exclusive available to do this service.

how to make designer saree from old saree

Mix Two Sarees

If your favourite saree is torn or damaged for some reason, don’t lose hope. You can still reuse it. Take two sarees that blends so well.  Remove the damaged part. Take the rest and stitch them together. To give a new look, find a border that suits both the sarees and add them around it. Viola! You have your new designer saree ready! Even your dupattas can be stitched together with another saree. All you need is a bit of creativity here.

how to make designer saree from old saree

Give a Good Patch Work

Patch work is stitching together layers of clothes to give a totally cool look. If you have holes or other small damage destroying your whole saree look, then do attractive patch work around it to cover up the minor issue. Your new saree will beat the old one!

how to make designer saree from old saree

Stone Work On Sarees

If you have an expensive silk sarees whose zari border lost its charm after years of use, then fret not. We have a wonderful tip to restore you timeless saree back to life. Get a good stone or kundan work done around the zari border. It will overshadow the dull zari border and give a new shine to your sarees!

how to make designer saree from old saree

Lace Borders On Sarees

Lace borders are the most simple form of embellishments you can give to your old sarees to redefine its look. There are plenty of lace borders with attractive work available in the market. You just need to get these readymade pieces and stitch it with your sarees. Job done.

how to make designer saree from old saree

None of your sarees is a waste of money if you throw a little care and time to refresh its look. More ever it will reap you lots of compliments than you can possibly imagine. Try these tips and give a new life to all your old sarees. In a matter of few days, all your boring sarees will be converted to new designer sarees for sure.

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