15 Amazing Saree Makeup & Hairstyle Ideas To Try Now

Traditional Indian wear has its own grandeur and royalty that is lacked by western wear. These days most women prefer to wear sarees at various occasions like weddings, festivals, etc.

According to fashion experts, “clothes, makeup, hairstyle and shoes together make you look beautiful and gorgeous”. It is very important to wear appropriate makeup and have a suitable hairstyle, perfectly coordinating with your saree colour.

So here are some amazing saree makeup and hairstyle ideas to try with your gorgeous sarees.

Saree Makeup And Hairstyle

Makeup to Try With Sarees

Wearing mismatched makeup with your outfit can ruin the whole appearance of your attire. Makeup enhances the overall look and beauty of your attire, thus making you look more beautiful.

Saree Makeup And Hairstyle

If you are wearing a saree to any special occasion like marriage, sangeet, reception, birthday party, get-together, festivity etc, then wearing proper makeup is must. So here are some makeup tips to go with various saree colors.

Retro Look

If your saree color is ivory, beige, white, off-white, cream, or light peach, then you should go for a classic retro makeup look. Retro look doesn’t include heavy makeup; rather it includes minimal makeup, lined eyes and bold lips.

First apply foundation on your face. Give your eyes a winged look with the eye liner. Use black eyeliner, close your eyes and apply a think or thick stroke of liner over your eyelids. Use dark red, hot red or maroon lipstick on your lips.

Go for rose or deep nude shades of eye-shadows. Finish the look by applying some blush on your cheeks.

Saree Makeup And Hairstyle

Smokey Eyes

Makeup with smoking hot eyes is always the show stealer and goes well with deep coloured sarees. First apply some eye primer on your eye lids so that the eye shadow completely sticks to your eye lids. If you want a black smokey eye look you can first take some black eye shadow and apply it on your eye lids, starting from the eye lashes and ending just below the eyebrows.

Then you can take some grey shade and apply gently on the lower half of the eye lids. Mix the two shades with a brush so as to get a heavy smokey eye look.

But if you want to try something different you can try deep shades like navy blue, grey, shimmery brown, shimmery dark blue, deep green or plum shade. Use mascara to enhance your eyelashes so as to get an enhanced look.

Saree Makeup And Hairstyle

Fair Look

If you have a fair complexion and wearing deep coloured sarees, then you should go for a makeup look that will enhance your complexion. In order to get a gorgeous, fair and enhanced look, all you need is foundation, compact, highlighter, concealer, blush and medium pink lipstick shade.

First apply foundation on your face, and then apply some concealer under your eyes, chin, forehead, cheekbones and nose. Then use gold shade highlighter on your cheekbones, nose, lip curve, and near the eye creases. Use a light pink blush on your cheeks and seal the look with nude pink or deep pink lipstick.

Saree Makeup And Hairstyle

Nude Makeup

Nude makeup look is very different from no makeup look. Nude makeup look enhances your features and gives you a natural look.

Apply some foundation and concealer and then cover the look with transparent loose compact powder. Use taupe, champagne or mauve eye shadow on your eye lids. Use a brown kajal and eyeliner to enhance your eyes.

Use a nude lip liner on your lip lines and then finish the look with various nude lip shades like nude pink, nude brown, rose pink, deep nude or coffee colour.

Saree Makeup And Hairstyle

Oily or Shiny Makeup

Oily makeup goes perfectly with saree, but one disadvantage about this makeup look is that overdoing it can give disastrous results.

Take some powder or liquid highlighter and mix it with your foundation. Apply this shiny foundation on your face and then brush some compact on your face. Apply some bright pink blush on your cheeks and some more highlighter on your cheekbones and nose.

Finish the look with a glossy lipstick shade.

Saree Makeup And Hairstyle

Rosy Blush

For this look you need to apply considerable amount of blush on your cheekbones, so as to uplift them and make your face look sharp and gorgeous. Fair and wheatish skin girls should go for rosy blush or light pink blush.

Dusky women should go for deep pink blush shade. You can also use mauve or peach blushes. Complete the look with smokey eye makeup and glossy lipstick shade.

Saree Makeup And Hairstyle


Bold Lips

If you want to apply simple makeup on your face, then you use red lipsticks to get a bold look. You can use any shade of red lipstick on your lips, like bright red, deep red, maroon or any other shade of red.

Make sure to use a shade of red lipstick that will complement the colour of your saree.

Saree Makeup And Hairstyle

Dusky Skin Tone and Bright Coloured Saree

If you have a dusky complexion and are wearing a bright coloured saree, then you should go for a mixed makeup so that it complements both your skin tone and saree colour.

You should opt for bright orange, wine, plum or coral blushes, according to your saree colour. Use matte compact on your face and finish the look with burgundy or bright red lip shades.

Saree Makeup And Hairstyle

Black & White Saree Makeup

If you are wearing a black and white saree, then go for a subtle and subdued makeup. As black and white are contrasting colors,, you should opt for a simple makeup look. After applying foundation on your face, apply a light shade concealer under your eyes, nose, cheek and chin.

Then apply a dark shade concealer on your nose, forehead and jawline. Blend the concealer shades properly so as to get a contouring effect. Use a light pink blush on your cheeks and go for pink or rosy nude lipsticks. Finish the look with a black bindi.

Saree Makeup And Hairstyle

Hairstyle For Sarees

If you are wearing a gorgeous saree with fabulous makeup, then why keep the hairstyle plain or messy? Why waste money going to the parlour when you can simply do amazing hairstyles suiting your saree at your home.

Fish Tail Braid on Traditional Saree

You can opt for a fish tail braid while wearing traditional sarees like pattu or kanjeevaram sarees. You can go for a centre or side parting and let your fish tail braid fall on one side.

How to do : https://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Fishtail-Braid

Saree Makeup And Hairstyle

Straight Free Falling Hairstyle

This hairstyle will go along with any saree style. If you don’t want time to do a hairstyle or you want to opt for this look, then simply do a side parting and let your straight hair fall freely on your shoulders. You can also straighten your hair with a straightener and spray some hair spray to prevent your hair from getting frizzy.

Saree Makeup And Hairstyle

Middle Parted Wavy Hairstyle

Get a retro look with the middle parted free hairstyle. If you want to get a classic and chic looking, then this retro hairstyle will perfectly suit you. Do a middle parting, straighten the first half of your hair and then curl the lower of your hair so that the lower half gets a wavy look.
Saree Makeup And Hairstyle

Bun Braid Blend Hairstyle

Getting a braid and bun mixed hairstyle will help you to sweep everyone off the floor. This hairstyle is easy to do and will definitely make you the centre of the crowd. You can do the hairstyle with either middle or side parting.

How to do: Check this.

Saree Makeup And Hairstyle

Traditional Bun Hairstyle

Everyone is familiar with the age old bun hairstyle. If you are attending some festive function, then getting a beautiful bun is the best option. It would add the oomph factor to your traditional saree. If you are doing a bun, always go for middle hair parting.

How to do: Check this.

Saree Makeup And Hairstyle

Side Braid Waterfall Hairstyle

If you are wearing any chic, shimmery, silk or party-wear saree, then getting a side braid waterfall hairstyle will surely add more glamour to your attire. The hairstyle is very easy and all you have to do is a side braid in the upper half and get wavy hair in the lower half of your hair.

How to do: Click here.

Saree Makeup And Hairstyle

Always remember to keep the makeup precise and avoid overdoing it. Always choose your makeup look, according to your saree color. Make sure the hairstyle goes along with your saree type and design. Take the cues from above list and be sure to rock your saree with flattering makeup and hairstyle.

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