Give Stylish Spin to Your Plain Sarees with Brocade Blouses

If you are following our blog, you might have sensed our obsession towards plain sarees. Besides the fact that these sarees are trending this season, it is one of the most easy going saree type which offers plenty of ways to style and let it look quite a stunner each time.

It is the flexibility and versatility of these sarees that makes us falls for it. So we are forever looking for new blouse styles to pair them with. Today post is all about flaunting plain sarees with brocade blouses.

While you have plenty of blouse choice to team with plain sarees, for a sophisticated party wear look, nothing can beat a stylish brocade blouse.

Plain Sarees With Brocade Blouses
Photo : House Of Blouse

They can instantly infuse a rich on-point look to your sarees compared to any other blouse model. Also they are less expensive than many other fancy blouse fabrics.

Above all, from cotton to silk, you can wear them with all kind of sarees and bring a vibrant look to your ethnic style.

Brocade Blouse Designs to Consider This Season

Okay, now let’s get deeper and see how to make the most out of brocade blouses. Brocade is a richly decorative fabric often made with zari detailing.

So even an ordinary blouse, made of brocade fabric is so apt for festive style. Having said that we can’t overlook the other creative options to make this blouse so fascinating.

Plain Sarees With Brocade Blouses

One simple way to make your blouse look good is by opting for bold zari patterns that calls for a statement look.

Plain Sarees With Brocade Blouses

However, that should not be your ultimate goal. To look more daring and beautiful on the plain saree and brocade blouse combination, from blouse sleeve to neck design a lot can be done to make your over all look stand out.

Plain Sarees With Brocade Blouses

Let’s see different neck design you can try with brocade blouses

High Neck Blouse

This is one of the most stylish options for this season. Wear your simple plain chiffon and georgette sarees with a chic high neck with close collar as below. Go sleeveless or long sleeve to make the look more endearing!

Plain Sarees With Brocade Blouses

Boat Neck Blouse

This is another widely chosen neck model of this season.  Even the most normal looking fabric can be made to look super voguish with an addition of sleek boat necks.

Give this trendy neck model a try with your brocade blouse as well. It’s sure going to make your plain saree look ravishing.

Plain Sarees With Brocade Blouses

Collar Necks

A proper shirt style collar often gives a western touch to your sarees. If you want an edgy feel to your saree look, give this blouse neck a try with your plain sarees.

Wear classic colors like red, black and white with these blouse neck to reap compliments.

Plain Sarees With Brocade Blouses

Broad Necks

Broad front and back necks are definitely not new in the fashion game. When you opt for broad neck with brocade blouse and wear with a light weight plain sarees, it gives such a breezy appeal to your look.

Plain Sarees With Brocade Blouses

Halter Necks

If you don’t being glam-ed up, try the ultra cool halter neck blouse with sexy back neck as below with your plain sarees. It can even make your pretty heavy work party wear look nothing in front of it.

Plain Sarees With Brocade Blouses

Deep Back Cut

Another interesting way to get your brocade blouse look modish is by opting for a flattering back opens like the one below.

Plain Sarees With Brocade BlousesPlain Sarees With Brocade Blouses

Sleeve Styles for Brocade Blouse

Besides blouse, the other area where you can make lots of improvement on your blouse is the sleeves.

There are many sleeve variations you can try with above neck styles and each will bring a unique feel to your saree.

Long Sleeve Blouses

This is the most opted out sleeve style of this season. Many might even wonder will it work with brocade blouse because of the final heavy look it might end up with.

But here the goal is to wear them with plain sarees! A full sleeve blouse will often balance out the simple look of plain sarees with grace and elegance.

Plain Sarees With Brocade Blouses

Elbow Sleeve Blouse

Elbow sleeve blouse with close neck or boat necks are such a delightful combo to wear with plain sarees. The mellowed plain sarees often get their dose of style with this irresistible elbow sleeve cum close necks.

Plain Sarees With Brocade Blouses

Short Sleeve Blouse

This is the most widely used blouse sleeve style. For those who don’t like to go into the experimental zone, please go with this safe option. Wear this with usual U or V neck models for a sensual saree look.

Plain Sarees With Brocade Blouses

Cold Shoulders

Those who have been following saree fashion would have known what a hot blouse sleeve model these cold shoulders have been this season! Give an uber edgy look to your simple drapes with these super fine cold shoulders.

Plain Sarees With Brocade Blouses

Sleeveless Blouse

This sleeve style needs no introduction. It is one of those classy style that would sit well with any blouse and saree. Plain sarees are no exception

Plain Sarees With Brocade Blouses

Now that you have seen different neck and blouse style, you might think you are up to the game of wearing brocade blouse well.  But no. Wait. Still you can do many creative things to this wonderful saree & blouse style.

Embellishments for Brocade Blouse

Plain Sarees With Brocade Blouses

Let’s take a look on interesting detailing that you can opt for your brocade blouse to increase its beauty quotient.


Beads are great way to give a opulent look to your blouse. A simple brocade blouse with plenty of bead work is something you can wear with your plain saree any time and look a million buck.

Plain Sarees With Brocade Blouses

Tie Backs

How about adding a tassel or cloth balls on a sleek thread tie backs? Won’t it give feminine touch to your style? Do try it and it will surprise you.

Plain Sarees With Brocade Blouses


Okay, it’s agreed that the brocade fabric itself is such a beauty to wear. That doesn’t mean you can opt for heavy embroidery detailing to make it little more loud and stand out.

Plain Sarees With Brocade Blouses


If you plan to wear your blouse with plain party wear sarees, then get your blouse done with creative stone detailing. Our pick would be to opt for high neck blouse with lavish stones around the collar.

Plain Sarees With Brocade BlousesPlain Sarees With Brocade Blouses

Designer Brocade Blouse Ideas

We saw the various adornments that can make your brocade blouse look even more attractive. But still the game is not over. Yes, you can come up with unique blouse style by mixing and matching different blouse fabric over your brocade one.

Let’s see some designer brocade blouse option to try.


For a designer feel, try mixing net with brocade. You can opt for see through net fabric for blouse yoke or sleeves and let the rest settle with brocade as below. It will instantly give a customized designer blouse look to your sarees.

Plain Sarees With Brocade Blouses


Just like net, lace is another fabric that plays well with brocade. You can wear this combination with cotton and other handloom sarees.

Plain Sarees With Brocade Blouses

Patch Work

Mixing two different styles in a creative way often flare well with brocade blouses too. For instance you can stitch your cotton blouse with brocade material all over to highlight the needed portions with attractive patch work.

Plain Sarees With Brocade Blouses

Multi Color & Gold Brocade Blouse

If you want an all purpose brocade blouse that you can wear with any sarees without getting lost on the color choices, we advise you to get a multicolor one or a simple gold blouse like below. They go well with any saree.

Plain Sarees With Brocade Blouses Plain Sarees With Brocade Blouses

We hope you have gathered needed inspirations to get your brocade blouse in the best possible way. Though they make a wonderful blouse model to pair with any saree, it is a great combination to wear with plain sarees. Do try this duo and let us know how it turned out.

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