Celebrities Are Slaying Floor Length Suits

We tell you, finding a replacement for a perfect saree look is quite hard. Our (Keep Me Stylish Team) association with silk saree, stylish blouse and jewellery is quite hard to uproot no matter how irresistible other outfit can seem to.

And if you are just like us, who love to attend any event with a ravishing silk saree decked up with fine jewellery, then you might know nothing can beat that dream feeling.

That being said, we do struggle sometime to be up with the elaborate saree tying process. It is the least favorite part that is hard to survive. And many of you would even agree to this. So time to time we do tend to stray and find other dresses (mostly unwillingly) to save stress and be on place at time.

Believe us, (we all are nodding here), we never got a replacement for a good saree. And it created a deep void. So when we spotted a recent trend among celebrities which could fill this tiny little void of us, we know where we should head straight and break the good news.

Yes, from Nayanthara to Sneha, all the leading celebs are giving sarees a break and going for the floor length suits. Take a look on how celebrity styled this outfit and why we say it can be a good replacement for saree.

Celebrity Floor Length Suit Celebrity Floor Length Suit Celebrity Floor Length Suit

Had a good look? What do you think? Can you give up your saree and willing to give this comfy + ravishing outfit a try? Let us know in the comments box below.

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