How to Shop the Best Blouse Designs For Your Black Saree?

If you are reading this, chances are you are about to buy a black saree or you might have already own one but looking for better blouse designs to try it with. Whatever be the case, every saree lover, at some point would love to wear a black saree.  Among the list of classic hues, black tops the list and it’s no wonder you are trying to look best on this.

Considering black as a must have color in your wardrobe, it becomes essential you have a good idea on what blouse you should wear it with, as it is going to make a world of difference to your saree style.

black saree blouse designs and patterns

Besides blouse designs, you should also focus on type of fabric, your pallu design and the color choices used to highlight your saree patterns and motifs of your black saree. By knowing all these, you will end up buying the best black saree and a complimenting blouse for it.

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Read ahead, to find the best blouse designs to shop for your black saree.

Black Saree with Gold Blouse

Gold, another universally flattering color is always associated with richness and grandeur. Having a blouse in this color not only serves you up to wear your black saree for parties and events, it can literally be paired with sarees of any color.

Considering the heavy benefits that come with this blouse, it is a no surprise you might have already owning one in your closet. Go, grab and style it with your black saree.

Black Saree With Gold Blouse

Black Saree with Embellished Designer Blouse

The current trend veers towards replacing party wear drapes to plain sarees with interesting designer blouses. The question is what kind of embellishment can look stand out on a black saree blouse?

It is quite simple. Go for silver antique jeweled blouse for a chic style it can add to your saree. Opt for high neck and get the adornment done around the front and back neck of the blouse.

Black Saree With Embellished Blouse

Black Saree with Sequin Blouse

The glittery finish of sequin blouse is something that should not be overlooked, when you are actively shopping for a blouse. They are such cute little things that instantly add up the glam quotient of sarees.

Your black saree can also be elevated by a simple or designer sequin saree blouse. For an arresting style, opt for glittery work in the tones of gold or silver.

Black Saree and Brocade Blouse

If you are a saree lover, then it goes without saying you might already be owing at least few silk sarees. If such is the case, then you might already be the proud holder of colorful brocade blouses.

It’s time to mix and match, and team it up with your latest black saree.  Exciting news here is, a black color saree can pull of any brocade blouse. So you can really save your money here and use an existing blouse of yours.

Black Saree With Brocade Blouse Design

Black Saree with Silver/Grey Blouse

Shades of silver and grey is a complimenting tone to wear with a simple black saree. Even a plain blouse void of any adornment can still offer a sophisticated saree style.

If you are looking for subtle formal wear blouse color to try with your saree, then do give a go for this color.

Black Saree Blouse Designs
Photo : LK Fashion Market

Black Saree with Contrasting Colors

Just any saree look can be spiced up with an addition of right pop of color in the form of blouse; your black saree look could also be improved by a right contrasting blouse.

There are plenty of hues you can experiment it with. If you just want to play safe, consider opting for colors like mustard, yellow..etc.

Black Saree With Contrasting Blouse Design
Photo : LK Fashion Market
black saree with yellow blouse
Photo : House of Blouse

Black Saree with Printed Blouse

Prints are taking interesting form this season to add quirky look to your sarees. If you don’t mind a bit of fun and color show, then please do shop a catchy printed blouse with lots of vibrant colors lavishly thrown in.

Photo : LK Fashion Market

Black Saree with Pink Blouse

Many might be doubtful of this color combination. But a hot pink blouse is an epic way to make your blouse saree look loud and bold amidst the crowd.

To make it more attractive, get your blouse stitched with lots of zari work, mirrors and other fancy bead work.

Black Saree with Checkered Blouse

Interesting patterns and geometrical shapes always have a way to make your blouse look arresting. If you have to find one amazing pattern to wear with black saree, try a fine checkered blouse.

While many colors can be tried with this blouse, for a fail-proof design, try classic black and white or black and red with this.

Black Color Saree Blouse Designs
Photo : LK Fashion Market
Photo : House of Blouse

Black Saree with Embroidery Blouse

A heavy embroidered blouse is always an alluring option to try with any saree. You can choose the same for your black one as well.

The thread work can be done on many hues. If you like to keep your blouse on the formal side, get embroidery done on single tone. However if you are planning for a party wear, get your blouse filled with multi color thread work.

Black Saree With Embroidery Blouse

Black Saree with Boat Neck Blouse

If you want to wear your black saree in a most voguish way, then try wearing it with a boat neck blouse.

If you are catching up with the saree trend, then you might already aware how irresistible boat neck blouse have become.  Stay it trend and wear your black drape with it.

Black Saree With Embroidery blouse design
Photo : House of Blouse

Black Saree and White Blouse

Many underestimate the regal look that can attained by wearing black with white blouse thinking it might be blunt to mix these shades. But that’s where the mistake creeps in.

If you enjoy monochrome outfits and all the style that ooze out of it, then you should have one fine white blouse on your arsenal.

black saree with white blouse

Black Saree and Kalamkari Blouse

There are quite few blouse models that you should own if you want your saree style to look more aesthetic and artistic. You can have this desire met with a flawless kalamkari blouse.

Wear your black cotton and other handloom sarees with kalamkari prints for a magical saree look.

Photo :

Black Saree with Designer Stripe Blouse

You really don’t have to spend a ton to achieve a stylish designer saree look. Often simple changes on blouse can take your saree style to next level.

If you want to achieve that with your black saree, then go for chic stripe blouse. They will gel incredibly well on your saree. Opt for fashion jewellery and a messy bun to finish off this style.

black saree with stripe blouse

Black Saree and Red Blouse

If you want to keep things low and not make your blouse look too loud, then a simple red blouse is enough for your black saree.

From plain saree to delightful kanchivaram, there are many hues of red that can make your black saree look majestic.

Black Saree with Maroon/Green Blouse

On the list of attractive shades to try with black, maroon and green will always have a presence. If you like to keep things fanciful, then you can play in the neck and sleeve designs of your blouse.

Withe a wee bit of creativity, these blouse colors will look more enchanting on black sarees.

Photo : House of Blouse
Black Saree With Designer Maroon Blouse
Photo : House of Blouse

Black Saree and Heavy Work Blouse

A simple heavy work blouse might already be cozying up your closet. This is the default blouse that comes with expensive designer drapes. Don’t let it rust. You can match this with your plain black saree and come up with a new party wear look.

black saree with heavy work blouse

There blouse designs would have given you plenty of shopping ideas on what exactly you should look for your black saree. Do make the best use of it and find the saree blouse that looks so flattering on you.

If you like to add more blouse design to this list, do drop your comment and let us know. We will build this list based on your recommendation.

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