The Magic of Green Accessories on Off-White Saree

As you might already aware white, off-white, ivory and other muted shades of white are quite tricky to pull off. It gets even harder, if the outfit is void of any other colors. Even bold patterns and creative work gets muffled and become not so visible in an off-white sarees. That’s the main reason, many tend to avoid wearing these colors thinking it might completely wash them out.

However, the recent saree style of Raveena Tandon at Dada Saheb Phalke awards, proves that, even colors like this can be made to look more classy, if you just chose right accessories to pair them with.

what earrings and accessories to wear with off white saree

The actress wore the tricky off-white lace saree from the designer Tarun Tahiliani, with a statement green earrings from the luxury brand Renu Oberai. She also flashed an emerald ring from MK Jewels that matched up with her earrings. In short, those green accessories made the saree work for her. Without the pop of green, the saree might not have made any impact.

How do you style your white and off-white sarees? Do you have any style tips that can do magic to your look? Do share it with us via the comment box below.

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