7 Stylish Designs for Your ‘3 4 Sleeve’ Saree Blouse

If there is one blouse model that suits women of all age and shape, it should be the basic saree blouse with 3 4 sleeve. Long or short, thin or plump, elongated sleeves will cover up your flaws and make you look super cool. That’s not the case with other saree blouse design. For instance, short sleeves are a curse for those who have flabby arms and so are puff sleeves. Full sleeve saree blouses won’t flare well for a lean figure. As you see, each blouse design has its drawback. That’s why if you are in doubt as to try something new apart from your default designs, our sincere advice would be to pick up a 3 4 sleeve blouse.

When you do pick this blouse, you can make this already stylish blouse, more attractive by going for some praise-worthy designs. Yes, there is quite a few handful of tips, which when followed, can make your ¾ sleeve saree blouse more interesting. Without wasting time, read ahead and find out what they are.

Try 3 4 Sleeve with Broad Neck

Broad front and back neck on your blouse can look very attractive when worn with a long sleeve. If you are a fan of Vidya Balan, you would have noticed that, this is her most favourite blouse style. This blouse design goes well with any kind of sarees.

3 4 Sleeve Saree Blouse Designs

Sheer Blouse Sleeve with Attractive Embroidery

Sheer blouses are making waves today among the young women. If you are mulling over trying a sheer blouse, then do experiment it with a long sleeve blouse, preferably with an alluring embroidery in contrasting colors. These blouses can be worn with plain sarees for an impressive finish.

3 4 Sleeve Saree Blouse Designs

Bell/Flared Finish Sleeves

If you want to be stylish in your sarees, then blouses with long bell or flared sleeves will be an apt choice. This blouse model can be worn with casual sarees with little makeup to bring out the true effect. Women, who don’t like heavy sarees, can pair these blouses with simple cotton and handloom drapes to make a statement.

3 4 Sleeve Saree Blouse Designs

Go for Elbow Embellishments

3 4 sleeve saree blouses can be made to look attractive with embellishments like stones, embroidery, zari border ..etc. However, our tip is to keep these embellishment around the elbow for a structured blouse. This will create a beautiful impact to your blouse. You can even match this embellishment with saree border to make it look very attractive.

3 4 Sleeve Saree Blouse Designs

Printed Blouses with Long Sleeves

Don’t keep the long sleeves plain. Be innovative and make this space elevates your saree style. One tip is to go for printed blouses. Gorgeous prints will stand out on those long sleeves. Pair this type of blouses with plain sarees to reap compliments.

3 4 Sleeve Saree Blouse Designs

High Neck With 3 4 Sleeve Blouse

Just like, how broad necks go well with long sleeves, high necks are equally alluring to wear. Especially those who are blessed with a slim figure should opt this choice. When you try this blouse model, try to wear your hair for a bun. This combination is so hard to resist.

3 4 Sleeve Saree Blouse Designs

Highlighting Sleeve Is Important

We already saw, how embellishment around elbow would make your blouse look lovely. Similarly, you can try plenty of adornments in the sleeve area. Patch work, stone work, and mirror work are few to name. Plain bodice with embellished sleeve is rather a cool way to make this blouse stand out.

3 4 Sleeve Saree Blouse Designs

These are our 7 tips to make your 3 4 sleeve saree blouse design more interesting. Do try them and let us know how your blouse turned out. If you have some other blouse idea that is not included here, then please let us know via the comments. We are waiting to hear your opinions.