The Brand Behind Vidya Balan’s Aesthetic Sarees in NTR Biopic

Did you get a chance to watch the latest biopic about the life of the most fascinating person NTR?

If you have watched or seen the posters of this movie, then the fashionista in you might already be having an eye on the beautiful drapes sported by Vidya Balan who played a prominent role in the film alongside the main star.

Vidya Balan is one of those actress who never fail to impress us with her impeccable saree style. She has a thing for 9 yards of elegance, especially the silk sarees. And on this movie, she has been flaunting exclusive saree collections from Palam Silks.


There is something simple yet tranquil about Vidya Balan’s saree look. What she adds to the saree is the ethnic South Indian elegance accompanied by bindi, bold gold jewelry and a simple hairdo. The ethereal vintage aura came alive through her character and the saree added magnificent Indian charm.

vidya-balan-sarees-NTR-bio-pic (2)

She slew excellent silk sarees from the exclusive saree collection crafted by Palam Silks. Out of 100 sarees that were specially made for the movie, Vidya Balan handpicked 30 to 40 sarees to suit her role in the movie. Palam silks created this collection especially for Vidya Balan to potray ‘Ms Basavatarakam’, NTR’s wife in the movie. Pairing these exotic sarees with simple plain blouse and dazzling gold jewelry, the actress looked drop dead gorgeous on big screen.

vidya-balan-sarees-NTR-bio-pic (3)

If you are fan of Vidya’s saree style, then there is a good news waiting for you. Yes, you can meet the actress in person by participating in the contest launched by Palam Silks called ‘Vidya’s Choice’.

All you have to do is, visit any of the stores in Chennai and check out Tarakam Collection. Pick your favorite saree form the collection and gift it on our behalf to the very beautiful Vidya Balan. If your saree matches Vidya’s choice, you will get a chance to meet Ms Vidya and gift the saree in person!

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Photo : Instagram – @ahaana_krishnaSo, what are you waiting for? Get to their stores now. If you love silk sarees and Vidya Balan, it’s something you just can’t miss this extraordinary opportunity. You get to meet the person who knows how to add magic to a saree.

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