30 Blouse Designs Photos That Will Blow Your Mind

Apart from making the ensemble complete, Saree Blouse plays a major role in determining the overall look. The same Saree can impart a simple and sober look or a stylish and trendy look depending upon the Saree Blouse it is paired with. Hence, it’s only natural that women pair their splendid Sarees with equally gorgeous Saree Blouses to look fabulous. Here are 30 blouse designs photos that will blow your mind:

1. Close Neck Floral Print Blouse

Floral prints have been taking center stage this year. It has been creatively used on all ethnic dresses. Make that part of your blouse as well.

blouse designs photos

2. Zipper Front Full Sleeves Blouse

A full sleeve blouse with front zipper is sure way to keep it stylish. Keep your saree in contrast colors to allow it to stand out.

blouse designs photos

3. Full Swarovski And Sequins Work Velvet Blouse

Velvet blouse are back in the fashion radar. They add much-needed regality to the blouse and can be worn in so many different styles and colors!

blouse designs photos

4.  Close Neck Blouse With Cape Sleeves

Give a modern twist to your simple sarees with a cape sleeves blouse. Opt for contrasting color to bring all the attention to the blouse design.

blouse designs photos

5. Heavy Sleeves Work Blouse

This heavy sleeves work blouse is all you need if you are going to a special occasion. For simple sarees, this blouse does all the talking.

blouse designs photos

6. Chinese Collar Blouse With Net Cape

Collar necks blouses are always in vogue. Make them look fashion forward by including cape style sleeves.

blouse designs photos

7. Bird Embroidered Sleeves Blouse

Many underestimate what a well embroidered blouse could do to a saree. Next time wear your sarees with contrasting embroidered blouse like the one.

blouse designs photos

8. Beautiful Cut Out Back Blouse

It is an attention-grabbing back neck design. It goes well with all kinds of sarees. In case you want to add fashionable touch to your sarees, this is one blouse design you have to try.

blouse designs photos

9. Glamorous Cape Style Blouse

This glamorous cape style blouse can instantly add a dashing appeal to any saree you choose to pair with. Wear this kind of blouse with pearl jewelry to twofold the impact.

blouse designs photos

10. Deep Back Blouse Design

For ladies who like sexy designs, wear deep back blouses and make people turn their heads. The picture shows how this beautiful blouse alters a plain saree to uber stylish one.

blouse designs photos

11. Multiple Frill Sleeves Blouse

Frill sleeves blouse are getting huge glare of publicity this year. Incorporate them on your blouses and be the first amongst your peers to don this trend.

blouse designs photos

12. Mandarin collar saree blouse

Talking of mix and match, try this vibrant Mandarin collar saree blouse with any of your saree and put together stylish saree look.

blouse designs photos

13. Cut Out Blouse Design Floral Border

A cut out blouse design floral border is a valuable investment for all your future sarees.

blouse designs photos

14. Multi Color Embroidered Blouse With Strings Back

Are bored of wearing single colored blouses? Give multi color embroidered blouse a try. Yes, you can style them with a wide range of sarees.

blouse designs photos

15. Simple Deep Back Neck Blouse With Strings

If you are looking for a simple blouse with deep neck, make sure that your blouse back neck is as attractive as this.

blouse designs photos

16. Heavy Zari Embroidered Blouse With Pom-Poms And Strings Back

Are you into bold blouse designs? Try cut out back neck with pom-poms and strings. Your blouse will be the talk of your fashion circle.

blouse designs photos

17. Plain Full Sleeves Collar Blouse

A well fitted plain black blouse is something that you must own if you are a saree lover.

blouse designs photos

18. Heavy Radha Krishna Embroidered Sleeves And Back Blouse

The heavy Radha Krishna embroidered sleeves and back blouse is nothing but impressive. This is a great choice to be worn to temples or religious functions.

blouse designs photos

19. High Net Koti Style Blouse Design

The high net blouse both hides and reveals at the same time. This brings mischief in the all graceful look of the saree. No wonder it is one of the most loved saree blouse designs these days.

blouse designs photos

20. Triangle Shape Cut Out Back Blouse With Latkan

This is yet another classic blouse design. When in doubt, you can always count on this blouse design to lend a feminine appeal to your look.

blouse designs photos

21. Cut Work N Pearl Blouse

Stunning works like pearl work, cut work are done on the designer blouses that revamp the designer saree look.

blouse designs photos

22. Embroidered Net Sleeves Blouse

Embroidery has become an important part in today’s fashion. Embroidery designs like this one is a must-have in a woman’s wardrobe.

blouse designs photos

23. Bell Sleeves Blouse With Pearl Border

Bell sleeves add flattery to almost every kind of body type. Bell sleeves are at their best when done using soft and flowing fabrics.

blouse designs photos

24. Cold Shoulder Blouse With Sheer Sleeve

Included in the list of the hottest styles to hit the fashion world is the Cold shoulder design.

blouse designs photos

25. Tajmahal Pattern Blouse With Beaded Row Back

A Tajmahal pattern blouse with beaded row back is simple yet elegant.

blouse designs photos

26. Fringed Blouse

A statement fringed blouse sleeve like the one in the picture is bound to make you look majestic.

27. Sheer Back Blouse

Sheer detailing looks amazing on pastel hues. Try this beautiful blouse and you’ll look awesome.

28. Plain Silk Blouse With Stone N Beads Work On Sleeves N Neck

If you don’t want to wear jewelry with your saree, then this silk blouse with stone n beads work is something you must try.

29. Corset Style Sheer Blouse

Add chic corset style sheer blouse to your single colored saree look. This embroidered blouse makes this black saree look so alive.

30. Full Sleeves Blouse With Cut Out Back Design

For printed sarees, you need a unique blouse like this one.

These exclusively designed one-of-a-kind blouses can dramatically change your saree look. Reserve them for your favorite sarees and see the magic you cast when your sport it.

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