18 Modern Saree Blouse Designs & Ideas For Stylish Look

If you want to draw attention to your outfits, one of the best ways to do it is to wear sexy blouses. There are many different types of sexy blouse. There are many styles and colors that are surefire attention grabbers. Choose a style that fits the occasion best. For a party or other social functions, you cannot go wrong when you pair a flattering saree along with a sexy blouse.

To get ideas, check out these 18 modern saree blouse designs for a stylish look!

1. Bare Back Yellow Sleeveless Blouse

A particular variety of the blouse is called the bare back blouse, in which a string is used to wind together the two parts. The string goes across the length of the blouse to give a very sexy look to the wearer.

Modern saree designs

2. Halter Neck Blouse

Designer blouses with halter necks are very popular. Numerous variations can be seen in these designs. They are made to comply with the specific needs of a particular lady and can range in both color and fabric. They are typically worn during festive events and are mostly loved by all the saree lovers.

Modern saree designs

3. Off Shoulder Blouse With Ruffles

There is a very sensual quality to a sexy blouse that is off the shoulders. The sleeves are wrapped around your upper arms leaving your shoulders and upper back bare. All of that sexy detailing demands attention and people in your vicinity is likely to glance your way. This style of blouse looks best with a hairstyle swept up and leaving your shoulders and neck bare

Modern saree designs

4. Plain Close Neck Blouse

Designer often experiments with the neck designs. These plain close neck blouses are very fashionable and stylish. These neck designs are generally influenced by Indian culture. Beautiful necklines like these add grace to any simple outfit.

Modern saree designs

5. Sleeveless V Neck Blouse

V necks makes you look a little slimmer if you are slightly big in size. If your upper body portion is heavier try to wear V-neck blouse. It always gives your upper body a slimmer effect. You can also match your V-neck blouse pattern with sleeveless design which can tone the upper body more.

Modern saree designs

6. Deep Neck Self Textured Blouse With Unique Border

Nothing says sexy quite like deep neck sexy blouse. A low cut sexy blouse will get you noticed every time because they show a tantalizing bit of skin. You can wear this style during the day or night.

Modern saree designs

7. Stylish Stripes Off Shoulder Blouse

Go ahead with your wild imaginations and boost up your sexiness by wearing striped off-shoulder blouse with tie-up shoulder detailing. You can embellish your sleeves with this kind of folding stylish detail.

Modern saree designs

8. Sequins Blouse

All those girls who are wanting to look stylish for the new season. One of the best things you can wear at the moment is sequins! Sequins are in fashion like never before.

Modern saree designs

9. Full Embroidered Ruffle Sleeves Blouse

For quiet elegance and sophistication, you cannot go wrong with a ruffled sleeve blouse. It is the perfect choice to wear with plain sarees.

Modern saree designs

10. Resham And Sequins Work Sheer Blouse

These days, sheer designs are quite popular. These can be beautifully embellished with heavy and intricate resham embroidery and sequins.

Modern saree designs

11. Black And Golden Blouse With Interesting Sleeves & Neck Design

Perfect for any event, these kinds of blouses can serve as an attention-grabbing piece or an accentuation that will set you apart from the crowd.

Modern saree designs

12. Khadi High Neck Blouse

The high neck blouse is the type that most women love. This is because of its versatility and the comfort that it offers.

Modern saree designs

13. Cape Sleeves Round Neck Blouse

A lot of designers used the modest appearance of the cape sleeve blouse and fixed it with bold and intricate designs, making it perfect for women who would like plenty of compliments and attention when they head out.

Modern saree designs

14. Heavy Work Sleeveless Blouse

The sleeveless blouse style has recently touched high levels of achievement. These are made with variety of material and can be worn with any kind of sarees. Among all the blouse designs, this particular design offers maximum comfort to its wearer during the summer time. Sleeveless blouses with different neck designs are now in huge demand.

Modern saree designs

15. Bralette Style Glamorous Blouse

Fashion after all should be handled in a fun way. Always remember to keep it as simple as possible though. For this particular reason alone, bralette fulfils the need. They help in achieving the glamorous look in very easy-to-wear way.

Modern saree designs

16. Full Embroidered Long Chikankari Blouse With Side And Front Slit

This type of blouse is extremely stylish and elegant. It is usually worn on formal occasions though it can also be worn on casual occasions. Some of these have slits at the front where as some have slits at the sides or both.

Modern saree designs

17. Stylish Collar Neck Blouse

Another prevalent choice is the collar neck blouse. This collar neck blouse has a covered up back design but the front has buttons or hooks. They are worn by ladies at formal events. Due to the elegant appeal it lends to the wearer, collar neck blouse has slowly become a top favorite among Indian ladies.

Modern saree designs

18. Beautiful Blouse With Round Neck

These blouses are most preferred variation and are usually for daily use or office wear. The sleeves are often half sleeve and their neckline is round shaped but can vary depending on the wearer’s taste. This style comprises of a front which is covered fully and can be opened with hooks.  It has really beautiful embroidery as well.

Modern saree designs

The method of draping the Indian sari is very important when trying to achieve a graceful and sensuous look. Make your fashion statement, stand out from the crowd, and reveal your personality or mood by wearing modern blouses.

There is an abundance of the sexy blouse in different cuts, styles, fabrics, and colors. Blouses are fun to shop for and even more fun to wear. Get noticed and flaunt your style!

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