14 Traditional Half Saree Hairstyle Ideas & Tips

Half sarees are the latest way to get in touch with a woman’s traditional side. All women love to dress up in a half saree and show off the divinity and beauty in herself.

However, irrespective of how greatly the outfit is draped and how perfectly all the accessories come together, it is very important to keep in mind your hairdo. Apart from the attire and makeup, the hairstyle of the wearer always plays an important part in the overall look.

It is very important that the hairstyle complements the half saree, so that the wearer gets an overall grand and sophisticated look. You can definitely not put on the regular hairstyle with a half saree.

Hence to help you out, we have handpicked a few of the best hairstyles that could complete your traditional look. Below are 14 traditional half saree hairstyle ideas and tips that are sure to amaze you.

Loose Bun With Center Parting

This is one of the easiest hairstyles you’ll ever find. You can use hairspray if you like else, let it flow in its natural form. Either ways, it will look great and professional. The central parting is great if you wish to add in a tikka.

half saree hairstyle ideas

Back-Brushed With Perfect Curls

This back-brushed hairdo is perfect if you wish to keep your hair away from your face. You can feel completely comfortable and the rest of the hair is left free. You can straighten the front quarter and then nicely curl up the rest of your hair.

half saree hairstyle ideas

Half Up Puff To Your Match

This is a great neat hairdo that gives a completely professional look and feel. If you have a round or diamond face then this is surely the best way to cover it up. You can either have it with curls or straightened hair. Either ways, it is sure to catch great attention.

half saree hairstyle ideas

Beachy Waves Casual Look

If you want your hairstyle to look effortless, this is the one for you. This is the most casual look you can mix up with any traditional outfit. This hairstyle will complement a heart-shaped face and is great for a natural look. You can play around with the softness of curls as you like.

half saree hairstyle ideas

Side Fishtail Braid For The Divine In You

An intricate fishtail braid is sure to amaze all those around you. You can even add some floral accessories to make your hairdo a bit sparkly. You can try out this hairstyle to have a simple yet elegant and beautiful look. You can even decorate with a natural flower and pair it all up with light makeup and simple jewelry.

half saree hairstyle ideas

Side Partitioned Loose Hair

This hairstyle is great if you wish to show off the back of your blouse. Your hair is in the side and hence, the back is clearly visible. It goes great with a backless of a completely embroidered back of a blouse. You can add up a side puff thereby completing the look.

half saree hairstyle ideas

Loose Curls For Simplicity

If you do not have much time or simply decided to go low-key on the hairdo, this is perfectly a pick for you. This is one of the classic hairstyles that have been going on for ages now. This way, you can keep the saree as the center attention. This hairstyle is especially your pick if you have an oval or oblong face.

half saree hairstyle ideas

The Puff Hairdo

This hairdo does not actually have a puff but it looks as such. It is a youthful hairstyle and hence, you can rely on it if you feel that the half saree is making you look too old-fashioned. You can pair this puff look with curls and give to look an added charm.

half saree hairstyle ideas

Side Thin Braid For Neat Look

If you have thin hair, this is surely for you. A side braid would not take up much space and hence, you can show off the entire outfit without having to use a bun. The side partition is a perfect way to ramp up the hairdo. If you have an oblong face, this is definitely a great pick.

half saree hairstyle ideas

 The Traditional Goddess Hairdo

Thick hair is a dream for most of us. However, you can use fake braid attachments to attain the one divine look that everyone surely loves. You can pair it up with side braids, giving you a very traditional look. If you have naturally long and thick hair, this is your definite go-to aspect. You can further decorate the braid with flowers or ornaments.

half saree hairstyle ideas

Braided Bun With Flawless Finish

This is the best way to make up a bun. It is neat, flawless and elegant. You can either use side or middle partition as per your choice. All you need is some bobby pins and a hairspray. Make sure to braid your hair till the very end without leaving away excessive parts.

half saree hairstyle ideas

Sleek Brushed With Fishtail

We can’t just get over the fishtail braid. It is the best way ever to make your hair look gorgeous. You can brush up your hair neatly and add a puff to your liking. It is quite a professional look and can be paired along with any light attire. This is a good pick if you have a round face.

half saree hairstyle ideas

Low Ponytail For A Focus

If you want to keep the complete focus on your attire only then this is the best pick for you. This is a very simple hair look and hence, will not steal attention from your outfit or accessories. Make sure to use a fine-toothed comb to attain the sleek look.

half saree hairstyle ideas

Modern Fishtail

If you find all the other fishtail braids were way too traditional, this is the one for you. It is completely modern and yet complements your traditional outfit. This hairstyle is quite simple and comfortable yet, it manages to add a great elegance to your look.

half saree hairstyle ideas

No matter which hairstyle you choose, make sure you respect the attire. Do not try to badly fuse it all up with modern looks. Keep in mind that some things are meant to be old-fashioned. You can definitely have the perfect look for your attire.

Happy styling!

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