11 Brands To Shop Original Patola Sarees Online

There is no question about the beauty of the Patola sarees, one of the finest tie-and-dye fabrics produced anywhere in the world and it has seen its best in the silk wedding saris of Kathiawar. Needless to stress that patola is one of the most beautiful products of the Indian handloom industry and among the most colorful of the ancient Indian textiles, the use of which has remained popular among the discerning women to this day. From young to old ladies– everyone loves a good patola saree.

where to buy original patola sarees online

where to buy original patola sarees online

where to buy original patola sarees online

If you are wondering which brands offer incredible patola sarees, here are 11 amazing options to shop from:

1) Parisera

If the ethnic clothing makes you grin from ear to ear, then what we are about to introduce to you will delight you immensely? Parisera is a brand that offers you all-new Patola saree variety. Choose from the beautiful colours and stylish designs, soft fabrics and most reasonable price ranges.

where to buy original patola sarees online

Wrap these beautiful Patola sarees the way you like and they will look oh-so-gorgeous on you. You don’t have to be a saree maven to master the traditional wear game – just buy a Patola saree online on Parisera. Shop Now! 

2) Kankatala

Kankatala is a leading designer saree brand. Each and every saree Kankatala presents to their customers is carefully handpicked by a member of the family, with equal emphasis on quality, weave, design and fabric. They have something for every taste, every occasion, and every budget.

where to buy original patola sarees online (2)

Check out their amazing collection of these wonderful patola drapes and buy what suits you.  Trust us it will be tougher than you might envision as all of the patola sarees on offer are brimming with great beauty. Shop Now! 

3) Jaypore

Number of stylish yet practical sarees can never be enough in our closet. Jaypore has some wide range of patola sarees on their website. You will certainly be spoilt for choice. Choose a light floral pattern Patola saree and match it up with a plain blouse with tie detail at the back and neutral toned flats sandals. Lastly, wear traditional gold jewelry and voila, you are ready to rule the roost. Shop Now!

where to buy original patola sarees online

4) Artisansaga

Gone are the days when you had to run up and down the local bazaar to find ethnic wear you like. Simply visit Artisansaga website to buy designer patola sarees online, most suitable to your sartorial taste. You will see top-quality designer patolas saree right here on Artisansaga. You can browse through their entire range of designer sarees with price options which will help you decide which ones to buy. Shop Now!

where to buy original patola sarees online

5) Maple Fashions

At Maple Fashions, their patola saree range is constantly updated to reflect the latest in trends in the fashion world. This way, they can provide you with fresh new designer patola sarees which have just hit the market. For example, you can find fashionable and beautiful patola sarees that are worn by the fashionistas here. Shop Now!

where to buy original patola sarees online

6) Ayush Kejriwal

You can find bright, colorful patola sarees at Ayush Kejriwal brand. Drape one of their gorgeous patola sarees, tailor-made for young women. These new designer patola sarees are perfect for ethnic functions with festive occasions. You can style it with pearl jewelry and your hair was done up in a classic-style bun for maximum effect. Shop Now!

where to buy original patola sarees online

7) Bandhej

Colour harmony in the best patolas is usually distinctive and the decorative details are invariably treated with utmost aesthetic simplicity. The colours are soft yet rich and so skillfully blended that they seem to flow into one another with a subtle synthesis and create an optical effect very difficult to describe. These are traditionally appealing yet stylish looking. You can find such vibrant collections here at Bandhej.

where to buy original patola sarees online

They are wedding favorites and worn with the finest of gold and diamond jewelry. Pair this up with ethnic purse, high heels, and bindi to finish off the grand ethnic appearance like an expert.  Shop Now!

8) Benzer

The Indian saree is one of the most elegant attires in the world. Patola sarees are dearly loved fashion garments, loved by every fashionista. Now, you can choose from an remarkable assortment of impressive ethnic apparel with Benzer’s exclusive collection of designer sarees online. Be ready to be unable to find yourself in the middle of impressive colours, stunning patterns and original styles. Shop Now!

where to buy original patola sarees online

9) Madhurya

You can select from a variety of patola sarees and more. Be it traditional wear or party wear, you will discover your stylish ethnic attire right here on Madhurya. Check out the best patola saree at Madhurya  which feature numerous fabric, so that one can pick any of their favorites. Shop Now!

where to buy original patola sarees online

10) Weavers Story

People at Weavers Story believe that their ability to bring you the latest in ethnic wear keeps customers coming back for more and distinguishes them from any competition. And hence they now have their all-new patola saree selection.

where to buy original patola sarees online

Check out the astounding variety of stunning colors and designs, beautiful patterns, prints, fabrics and attractive prices that are tough to say no to. Look through their patola sarees assortment – you will not be able to help yourself and will want to get all the pieces on display. Make sure you look your best – buy a patola saree online only on Weavers Story. Shop Now!

11)Tulsi Silks

The patola saree is lightweight and colorful– it is one of the most beautiful sarees and is extremely suited to the hot climate of our country. If you’re someone who loves authentic saree styles from the various parts of India and is always looking out for them, the patola saree range on Tulsi Silks will attract you. The patola saree is a must-have and will make its way to your wish list. Come look around and be instantly captivated – buy patola sarees online on Tulsi Silks today! Shop Now!

where to buy original patola sarees online

The patola weavers are virtually geometricians. Endowed with a deep sense of colors, their traditional sensitivity in the creation of design by synchronizing the colors, mathematically marked on warps and wefts, is simply superb. Get one for yourself now!

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