12 Flattering Color Combinations for Blue Dresses

When the temperature goes high, you get the opportunity to try various clothes from short dresses to breathing sarees that’s just the obvious law of summer. There are many times we are stuck with colours that make a perfect harmony.

What colour goes perfectly well with a blue hue. So here we are with 12 super-feminine, elegant, trendy and fresh stunning hues that you can pair with blue dresses and look absolutely amazing and so stunning. Scroll down and find the rest.

1) Yellow With Blue

There’s no better way to welcome the warm weather than with a bright yellow colour. It is the most luminous of all the colors in the spectrum. It’s the color that captures our attention more than any other color.

It’s the color of happiness, and optimism, of enlightenment and creativity, sunshine and spring. If you are someone who doesn’t like taking the easy way and pair everything with black or white then this one is for you. This contract pairing is something, not everyone would think of, which is bold yet trendy.

color combinations for blue dresses

2) Violet With Blue

There are some colour combinations that we can’t even think of, but when paired, they look marvelous like violet and blue. Purple combines the calm stability of blue and the fierce energy of red.

The color purple is often associated with royalty, nobility, luxury, power, and ambition. Make sure both the hues are balanced and make proper harmony with each other. Violet is flattering for almost all skin tones and the deep, rich tones of blue give it just the right amount of contrast to ensure it’s not too striking.

color combinations for blue dresses

3) Shades Of Blue

Sometimes vibrant blue strikes us so much that we can’t resist it like this one. If you are someone who ends up pairing blue with extreme contrast then we have a totally fabulous combination. We always believe that tint and shades of same hue goes perfectly well with each other.

Like tints of blue makes gorgeous combination with shades of the same hue. Blue stands for truth, loyalty and confidence, so wear your confidence and flaunt these shades of blue this sweet spring season.

color combinations for blue dresses

4) Red With Blue

Red and blue color combination is one of our all-time favourite looks. These two highly contrasting colour when paired together look classic. If you are, someone who wants to play safe with colours, then this one exactly for you.

So next time if you are in doubt you know exactly what to wear. A red hue brings life and excitement to your whole look when paired with blue.

color combinations for blue dresses

5) Purple With Blue

The colour purple is often associated with royalty, luxury, pride and creativity. If you are someone, who likes to try out absolutely out of the box, then this is something that you need to try.

This combination is very rare and bold. The chemistry between these two colours is amazing when paired together.

color combinations for blue dresses

6) Pink With Blue

Oh pink! Pink! Pink! You are the love of my life. Even you are someone who thinks exactly the same, then this combination is for you. Pink is always associated with giving and receiving care, this colour of unconditional love looks stunning when paired with blue.

Even soft pinks and blues may sound subtle, but when styled in the right way, they can be as eye-catching as a bright pop of colour. This colour combination will remind you of the soft scent of jasmine and a warm spring breeze.

color combinations for blue dresses

7) Peach With Blue

Sometimes we think that peach only goes with light hues like white, but greyish tones of blue are more sophisticated and unusual perfect for someone who wants individual look. So, this one too is an unusual colour combination to try out this summer season.

color combinations for blue dresses

8) Orange With Blue

There is no colour scheme that’s quite as vibrant and exciting as orange and blue. Yet for an unknown reason it is a combination that a lot of people don’t go for as they don’t believe it will work.

The rationale behind being encouraged to use it is because these colours lie opposite each other on the colour wheel. Thus, you can be assured that they work brilliantly together.

color combinations for blue dresses

9) Maroon With Blue

Maroon is perfect addition to any fall or winter colour palette, but can also work for some daring spring and summer palette as well as blue. This colour combination makes for a beautiful and striking contrast.

We just love the way serenity blue pops against maroon. This is one of the rarest colour combinations and yet holds the excitement in it.

color combinations for blue dresses

10) Green With Blue

Have you ever heard of the saying that “blue and green should never be seen? “We will prove that saying absolutely wrong once for all. Aren’t you just bored with those old repeated contrast colour combinations and try something more exciting and adventurous?

If yes, then this stunning combination is for you. Well, blue and green are next to one another on the colour wheel and the right shade of green when paired with blue can be a winning one for sure.

color combinations for blue dresses

11) Gold With Blue

Some colours are destined to be together like black-white, pink-green and so is gold and blue. The way glamorous gold punctuates the strong, classic quality of blue is just marvelous.

It is so easy to get caught in this not so common colour combination. So give a spin to this combination, spring season. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

color combinations for blue dresses

12) Black With Blue

There are times when we just need to hurry and we don’t want to waste time thinking, so this one tried and tested colour combination that can never go wrong. Blue is a cool colour by nature and works perfectly well with black. Black brings out charm when paired with jet black.

So dear friends, these are amazing colors that blend well with blue. So if you have been planning to grab a blue saree, salwar or skirt, you now know which color palatte should your blouse, top or dupatta be from!

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