10 Party Makeup Ideas to Try with Sarees

As the celebration continues, so does the celebratory attires and an ongoing list of things to attend.  Sooner than later, saree becomes an option that is suitable, convenient and on top of it all, absolutely gorgeous for all occasions. However, there are always factors like footwear, jewellery and make-up that can put a halt to all our mental preparations.

Party Makeup Ideas For Sarees

Focusing on the factors of make-up looks that can be tried with sarees for various occasions, here’s a list of 10 party makeup ideas that you should try out with sarees:

The Basic Nude

Having an all – natural shade is a choice that has lately topped the charts for different occasions. “Keeping it real” is not just a hashtag but also being followed.

Keeping a simple minimal touch, try this out complementing your natural skin tone look and flaunt your authenticity. You can try out this look with your kanjeevaram collection that shall add on to your subtle look.

Party Makeup Ideas For Sarees

Red Highlighter

Adding on a little red always proves to be a bold choice that never goes out of style. Combining with the subtle touches of your liner and blush, add on a deep red lipstick that complements your skin tone (there are n number of red shades available today!). Adding a modern touch to your traditions, this shall prove to be a stunning supplement.

Party Makeup Ideas For Sarees

Heavy on the eyes

Focusing on an insightful feature on your face, this look shall put your eyes at the center of attention and do so with grace and panache. Complete this traditional attire by making a cat eye look with mascara to add focus to your eyes.

You can choose to add on blush and eye shadow that shall complement your saree. If you’re showcasing a golden saree, create a unique look by adding a golden eye shadow.

Party Makeup Ideas For Sarees

The Smudge Look

The smudge eye look has been coined to be combined with western wear outfits. However, we choose to break the norm and combine them with your traditional sarees that would add to the royalty of the design you’ve chosen to flaunt. With the addition of traditional jewellery, it shall put you in the limelight!

Party Makeup Ideas For Sarees

Heavy on the Liner

Another option available in the minimal section is to add on heavy liner on your eyes that shall hold the attention and finish the look with a matte lipstick that seamlessly blend with the colours you’ve chosen to flaunt! Create an open hair look with soft curls that not only curtain your face beautifully, but also make your face the focal point.

Party Makeup Ideas For Sarees

Smokey Eyes

A blend of the modern makeup styling with a traditional outfit, the smoke eyed look will never go out of fashion. Create a look that can consist of multiple dress changes without ever questioning the makeup! Keep the focus on the eyes by applying a nude lip colour that shall complement your saree colour.

Party Makeup Ideas For Sarees

The Cat Inspired

Another one that creates a mix of traditional with the modern is the Cat-eye look that is perfect for most outfits and shall always work when you’re in a hurry or out of ideas! Combine it with some eye-shadow of the colour of your choice and you’re ready to walk out the door gracefully.

Party Makeup Ideas For Sarees Color Your Eye

Isn’t adding a colour into your make up a task? But always, so worth the effort! Complementing the shade of your saree or blouse, whichever you’d like to highlight, create a colour block that wouldn’t just make you stand out of the crowd but also do so with grace and elegance.

Party Makeup Ideas For Sarees

An Oil Based Perfection

Create an all perfect look with an oil based makeup that would even out your skin tone and add a fresh clean look that would last you all day. Add minimal jewellery with your saree and let the focus be on your face instead. With the addition of heavy earrings, you’ve got the perfect recipe of minimalism.

Party Makeup Ideas For Sarees

An Exaggerated Tone

If you’re looking to be in a literal lime light, then an over the top look is the one you should go for. Create an exaggerated cat eye with lashes and mascara to focus on your eyes, while adding a blush tone that complements your skin. Creating a light pink texture on your cheeks, this look will balance out your face, while keeping an even tone to the look you’re going for.

Party Makeup Ideas For Sarees

There are various ways that can be tried out to create your very own saree look, ranging between no makeup to an exaggerated look. The aim is to be comfortable with the look you’re creating and using the beauty products in an even amount. Experiment creating different looks with your sarees and establish your own look for every party!

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