Even at Age 50+, These Two Celebs are giving us Saree Goals

What would you do at the age of 50+?

Ok.. you might have plenty of significant things to occupy your mind, but one thing for sure is, dressing up and looking good might be last on your agenda. For some, it might not even be there on the agenda.

It is quite understandable that life is taking a toll on 30+ itself. Thus fashion is a scary thing to retain in mind as the age progress.

Many women stop caring for such pleasures in life, once they are done with maternity and child bearing. Still, to remain pleasant and well-dressed is a skill that you need to cultivate lifelong.

That’s why when we spot women who take age for just numbers, and walk with head held high, and confidence radiating on their every move, we can’t help but admire them.

This week we spotted two legends, who will prove, why you must look the best version of yourself even as the age progress!

First is Sridevi wearing a pleasant pastel pink floral saree from Anushree Reddy. This sassy women turned 54 last week and she is still as cool as cucumber!

Her, off late saree style is so stunning and we can’t stop starring our laptop amazed by her fashion sense. It just gets impeccable day by day. Can’t believe she is a mom of two teenage daughters.

sridevi saree style

And here is Rekha, giving us all a sizzling moment by wearing this white silk saree with super chic coolers. Can you believe she is 62?

rekha saree style

Look at yourself on the mirror now. Are you dressed up well today? If not, take a break and do few things to perk up your look. We guess, these two women must have inspired you to look good no matter what your age is.  Remember, age is just a number!

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