14 Websites to Shop Fine Pattu Saree Collections Online

Considering silk sarees are on the expensive side of the fashion radar, how frequently would you add these beauties to your wardrobe?

If you hit on these traditional drapes frequently, then you need to capitalize your shopping power and aim to get exclusive pattu sarees designs.

If you have been that silk saree enthusiast who sticks to the local shops to satiate your desires, you are missing a whole lot of fun here.

Yes, you can’t aim to see diverse range of pattu sarees on the stores that are restricted by its location.

For instance, you might get a lot of Kanchi pattu on Chennai and Pochampally ikat on Hyderabad, but what about other exotic sarees that resides outside your home place. Don’t you deserve to drape the beautiful Banarasi or Chanderi or the ever famous mysore silk?

Wedding Pattu Saree Collections

That’s why we say as long as you got struck on your location specific stores, you will not taste the whole other range of artistic sarees out there. Solution? You need to venture out online and test the waters.

That’s why we have curated 15 websites where you can shop any kind of silk sarees from the comfort of your home.

Let’s dive in and see what they are. Be ready to browse through all online shops and bookmark the one that has the pattu saree collections that you have been seeking.


This is one of the leading online stores you need to keep an eye on if you are ardent lover of silk saree. They have exotic silk collections curated from leading brands who are specialized in the field.

Here, you can spot even classic pattu saree designs like the one with temple borders or buttas or the check marks.  [Shop Here]

Wedding Pattu Saree Collections


Kanakavalli is a treasure trove to get authentic silk drapes in affordable price. Besides silk, they do have other delightful hand-woven sarees. But their kanchi pattu collections are something that is hard to resist. [Shop Here]

Wedding Pattu Saree Collections

Tulsi Silk

This is another leading online retailer of silk sarees with quite a surprising price tag for the quality they offer. From ikat to tussar, you can see wide range of saree collections here. [Shop Here]Wedding Pattu Saree Collections

Bhavya Sarees

This exclusive online silk saree portal has an incredible range of silk sarees that are specialized in various region across the country.

It offers unique designs that are graced with each region’s native touch. Gadwal, Uppada and Kanchi are few of their iconic collections. [Shop Here]

Wedding Pattu Saree Collections


Ajio is an online portal that involves in selling trendy outfits that meets the needs of modern women. The surprising factor, they do have intoxicating range of silk sarees.

The saree collection favors modern touch to the traditional drapes, so if you like modish silk drapes then this is the place for you. [Shop Here]

Wedding Pattu Saree Collections

House of Taamara

This is another special corner in the web, where you can find some classic silk saree designs. Besides saree, they do offer enviable blouse range and traditional jewellery that goes hand in hand with any silk saree. [Shop Here]

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Photo : House of Taamara

Palam Silk

Have you ever wondered what made Deepika Padukone look so dashing on Chennai Express? It is because of the gorgeous South Indian drapes that she flaunted on the movie from this reputed brand.

Besides their traditional collection, they do offer corporate silk sarees! Yes you heard us right, check out their portal for more details, how you can drape silk to office. [Shop Here]

Wedding Pattu Saree Collections

Bollywood Kart

This complete fashion store of women offers some noteworthy silk saree designs especially the timeless banarasi beauties. Their dual shade banarasi drape is totally irresistible and might be hard to get anywhere else on the web. [Shop Here]

Wedding Pattu Saree Collections


Jaypore has huge ethnic outfit collection designed by various prominent fashion designers across the country. So you can get to see exclusive hand-woven silk saree range here. This site offers simple light weight silk to heavy bridal collections. [Shop Here]

Wedding Pattu Saree Collections


The bright and bold collections of Aavaranna will make you want to pick your dream saree from their shop as soon as you spot one. They do offer unique range of designs that is hard to spot on other stores. [Shop Here]

Wedding Pattu Saree Collections

Yellow Kurti

If you browse through the silk saree collections of Yellow Kurti, you will notice that most of their designs will go out-of-stock as soon as they got released.

They have a wide social medial following for their eye-catching designs and thus their collections sell out quickly.

So if you want to shop here, do follow their facebook page and keep a tab on when new collections are being released. [Shop Here]

Wedding Pattu Saree Collections

Pick Silk

Art, Patola, Chanderi, Uppada, Kanchi, and name any other silk saree, you will find a enormous collection of them playing out before you when you browse this site.

In short, Pick silk has huge collection which you should check  it out if you love sarees specialized in other states. [Shop Here]

Wedding Pattu Saree Collections


This is another fine brand which offers wonderful silk saree collections in high quality and on budget price. They do have quite a exhaustive list for young brides to do their wedding shopping. [Shop Here]

Wedding Pattu Saree Collections

House Of Blouse

If you have been following our blog, you might have already known what a wonderful shop this is to get your hands on designer blouses. What many miss here is their silk saree range is even more mind-blowing.  [Shop Here]

Wedding Pattu Saree Collections

These are some of leading online shops which sells remarkable pattu saree collections that as a silk saree lover you should never miss out.

Don’t get bored by your local stores, begin your shopping on these online portals and your choice of saree will be complimented by many.

Most of these wesbites offer free shipping within India and some even offer International shipping with additional cost.

So even if you are a NRI and would want to gift your loved one with a silk drape, this elaborate list of websites will help you get this job done!

Do you have other websites in mind that offers pattu sarees ? Do drop your comment and let us know, we will update this list.

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