The Most Jaw-Dropping Blouse Ideas For White Sarees!

Do us a favor!

Check your wardrobe and look for sarees in white/off-white/ivory/beige.

Do you have one?

If so, you are blessed to wear them in countless way. Yes, having a white or off-white sarees is a huge gift when it comes to conquering a saree style game.

Even if you don’t have other designer white shaded sarees, chances are you might still own a simple kerala-style kasavu sarees.

No? Too bad. Unfortunately, if you have never been given importance to white or the sister shades of white, we request you to invest one soon.

Because the blouse options which we are about to show will super excite you to try a white hue saree.

Now, why are we suddenly harping about white? Because amidst our tireless shopping session, we spotted uber cool looking white saree styling ideas from the label ‘Laksyah’ and that’s the trigger for this sudden obsession.

Okay wait, before you entirely dismiss our crazy notions on white saree, do take a look on the below visual proof and decide for yourself.

We can’t decide whether we love the deep red blouse or the jhumka here.

What Color Blouse To Wear With White Saree

A royal blue brocade blouse can instantly take your white saree to next level.

What Color Blouse To Wear With White Saree

This is a sort of color that might make anyone doubt when they hear about it, but would totally look regal in reality.

What Color Blouse To Wear With White Saree

Wear a navy blue blouse with white saree to give yourself a classy look.

What Color Blouse To Wear With White Saree

All shades of green are a blessing to white. However, this emerald deep green takes the cup.

What Color Blouse To Wear With White Saree

White and black not only makes the perfect contrast but undeniably an arresting one too!

What Color Blouse To Wear With White Saree

Now, tell us are we justified in suddenly going gaga over white sarees? If so, join the club.

If you like to own the above saree and blouse collection, Shop here.

What’s your favorite blouse color to wear with white? Share with us via the comment box below.

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