This Video Tutorial Shows How to Fold Heavy Sarees

You know the bad side of owning heavy silk sarees, bold lehengas and untamed Anarkalis?

How in the world to fold and organize them on closet!

The beauty of colorful ethnic dresses is directly proportional to the complexity of folding it.

The prettier the dress, it is more tough to keep it safe and neat on the wardrobe.

It is quite easy to get carried away by the myriad of beads, stones and pearls in an attention seeking outfit, only to later end up feeling stressful due to the lack of skills in keeping them protected.

That’s why we are always in search of dress storage hacks that would help us solve this big nightmare.  And we did end up finding an amazing video that would be a deal breaker for many who struggle on what to do with their heavy outfits.

Watch this video and figure out the simple hack you can use to safeguard your treasured dresses.

Video Courtesy : Simplify Your Space

What is your tip to fold and organize heavy Indian dresses? Drop your comment below and let us know.

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